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Game of Thrones ‘Women’ Problem debunked. There really was no such thing! Just people wanting to make a problem where there wasn’t one.


I’ve read a lot about the ‘women’ problem that Game of Thrones had. Now people have thrown this around a few times throughout the series especially since the use of rape and excessive force was used on women. By no means am I condoning any of that, but I always scratched my head at the women problem.

The problem here wasn’t how they wrote women or how the women stories progressed, but it was the fact that a lot of people didn’t agree with the way the story went. That is completely different than saying Game of Thrones “failed its women.”

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Did it fails it women because we saw two women tyrants? Daenerys who I loved, but was also a tyrant and she was a tyrant for most of the series. Look back on how she acted. She freed slaves and then killed the masters and let the slaves kill their masters. She locked a man in his crypt when he tried to deceive her. Did she show mercy to Samwell Tarley’s brother and father? No she burned them with her dragon!

Dany was ruthless and she acted as any male tyrant would! I know I looked at her with rose colored glasses and thought when she gets to Westeros she will not do the same thing, but she did. She burnt Kings Landing and killed all those innocent people, all in the name of “saving them from Cersei.” The ‘women’ problem that people keep talking about is the fact that these women acted like men in their pursuit for power. Don’t we see this in our daily lives too?

Let’s not forget as I keep saying Sansa, Queen of the North, kept to her guns. She did not waiver in what she wanted and that was to be Queen of her people. No longer would the North be a part of the 7 Kingdoms. She didn’t bend the knee even to her own brother. How else would we have wanted Sansa’s storyline and journey to end?

There is the difference between not liking where the story went than claiming there was a ‘women’ problem. I’d love to hear how people think these women should have acted and how their stories should have ended.

Check out my full video for more of my analysis of this so called ‘women’ problem. Let me know if you agree or disagree!



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