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5 Good Luck Charms For A Lucky Month

good luck charms

March is a lucky month, but any month can be lucky with these five good luck charms! We’ve got five unique charms that are sure to bring good fortune. Pull in all those good vibes and create your own pot of gold.


Good luck is a feeling and with these good luck charms you’re definitely going to be vibing. These five good lucks charms are the perfect items to bring in a lucky month! It’s not all four leaf clovers, but we do have one on a gold bracelet. I love good luck charms and wear a few of my own, as well as have some around my house. We’ve got great ones that you can put around your home too!

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I’d wear all of these charms if I could. They are amazing. No matter how you like to bring in the good luck, we’ve got you covered with an awesome charm! Shop happy with BuzzChomp. We are an affiliate for referrals to the items listed below, so you’re helping us deliver great content by helping yourself with great deals.


Good Luck Charms For A Lucky Month



7 Chakra Tree Of Life

My kids and I bought this tree of life for my husband for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful. I love what it represents and the feeling I get looking at it every day!

Buy It: On Amazon for $17.99


Blue Evil Eye Wall Hanging Ornament

I love Evil Eyes and I wear one every day, as well as have this Evil Eye hanging by my bed. They make such fabulous decoration, but I especially love the positive energy they put out into the world.

Buy It: On Amazon for $14.99


ZenBless Feng Shui Bracelet

This bracelet is so cute and full of good luck. Green is a good luck color and brings money into your life, but if you prefer a different color and energy, they have options. I have a similar bracelet and I always feel abundance coming in off of it.

Buy It: On Amazon for $15.80


Buddha Statue (10.5″ Tall)

I love these Buddha statues. They are so great as decorations, but also for the positive energy that they give out.

Buy It: On Amazon for $38.99


Four Leaf Clover Token

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I had to add a four leaf clover charm. This token is so cute. I would totally put this into my change purse and carry it around with me. It would also be super cute as a decoration out, especially if you get multiples of them.

Buy It: On Amazon for $19.00



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