Poker Face Episode 9 Escape Sh*t Mountain!

Poker Face Episode 9 is all about the escape! Charlie is stuck on Sh*t mountain. She wants off, but a snow storm derails her and she discovers a 10 year old murder mystery.



Power Face Episode 9 is all about the escape. This episode gives us a brief romance for Charlie and while we never see why it derails, we do see the aftermath. It’s Charlie’s escape from Sh*t mountain. The ending does not bode well for Charlie in the season finale!


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Joseph Gordon Levitt as Trey is so good. His intro is the absolute best as we learn he’s on house arrest and is an absolute dick! David Castañeda as Jimmy and Stephanie Hsu as Morty are equally as fabulous. Charlie is our victim in this episode and I love that they turned it around like that. She keeps getting herself in more and more danger.

Charlie thinks she escaped sh*t mountain at the end when she hears herself pronounced dead on TV. Cliff though is outside the hospital and knows Charlie is alive! Not looking good for her at the beginning of the season finale.

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Poker Face Episode 9 is one of my favorites so far! Share with me your thoughts? Then check out my Episode 9 reaction.


Poker Face Episode 9


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