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5 Best Streaming Horror Movies On Amazon Prime

streaming horror movies

Spooky season is here, so get your fill of all the wonderful horror movies now! Horror movies are my absolute favorite and I’ve seen them all. These are the five best streaming horror movies on Amazon Prime.


Take it from a diehard fan; these are the five best streaming horror movies on Amazon Prime. We have some classics with some new favorites, but all great horror. Now is the perfect time to get your fill or horror movies! All of these films are Free with Prime or Free to stream with ads and guaranteed to scare you silly!

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From classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to new thrillers like The Invisible Man, my list has something for every horror fan! Watch all of the movies on our list if you dare and remember, BuzzChomp is an affiliate for referrals to the items listed below. You’re helping us deliver great content by helping yourself with great new things.


5 Best Streaming Horror Movies




The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

(FREE with Ads) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre scares me to my core. I first saw it when I was a child and thought it was the scariest movie ever! It’s definitely a bit cheesier now, but I still love this film.

Watch It: on Amazon Prime


Cabin Fever

(FREE with Prime) Cabin Fever still creeps me out to this day! It’s definitely a twisted horror movie. Of course, because it’s Eli Roth it is a bit grotesque. If you haven’t seen it, go watch right now!

Watch It: on Amazon Prime


Children Of The Corn

(FREE with Prime) The first time I saw Children Of The Corn, I thought it was petrifying. I was young and it was truly a nightmare. It’s not AS petrifying as I remember, but it’s a damn solid horror movie. This film definitely is more campy now with age.

Watch It: on Amazon Prime


Fright Night (2011 Version)

(FREE with Prime) I love this version of Fright Night the best. I’ve seen it way more times than the original! I’m not always a fan of remakes, but I also love how this one was redone.

Watch It: on Amazon Prime


The Invisible Man

(FREE with Ads) This movie is done so amazingly well and is utterly creepy. Real world horror movies are some of my favorite ones, and this one just nails it. I love the suspense and how the whole film plays out.

Watch It: on Amazon Prime




Meet Our Streaming Horror Movie Expert:

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