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Game of Thrones Merch for those Obsessed!

Game of Thrones comes back for its 8th and final season April 14th, but if you’re like us then you’re super excited! We’ve got the ultimate Game of Thrones merch for those obsessed.


What better way to show your Game of Thrones obsession than with some of the best Game of Thrones merch! They range from subtle, to being a loud and proud fan. What did we all do without Amazon, because you can basically find every amazing item on there.

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From puzzles and hoodies to socks and shots, we’ve got it all. No matter your level of obsession, there is something for you on our list. Most items are decently priced too, so don’t be afraid to fill up your cart.


Game of Thrones Merch Musts!

Someone please order everything on this list and send it to me! Below is our full list of Game of Thrones merch for obsessed fans. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Drink your Adult Beverage in style

This is a must-have for when you’re watching the show. Those who love wine as much as Tyrion does will thoroughly enjoy this. I’ve also seen Game of Thrones wine out there, so get yourself of bottle of that to enjoy with this.

Buy It: I drink and Know Things Goblet ($23.97 on


Channel your inner Khaleesi

I’m a tank top fiend and this is definitely one I need in my life. I love Danaerys too. I mean, who doesn’t? This tank comes in different colors and I love the style.

Buy It: I’m not a Princess Tank ($18.99 on


Become an Honorary member of the Night’s Watch

This is great because the front is subtle, but the back is awesome! It has the Night’s Watch pledge and everything. Plus, it looks super comfy and cool.

Buy It: Night’s Watch Hoodie ($38.94 on


Nerd out with new Board Game obsession

If you love board games and having game nights, then gather your Game of Thrones friends to play Risk! You can play as house Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and so forth. Definitely for those who love the show!

Buy It: GOT Risk ($67.79 on


Your Socks deserve to be cool

Unisex socks that let you rep each house: Lannister, Greyjoy, Stark, and Targaryen. A great and subtle way to show your love for the show. Let’s face it, we all wear socks, so why not spice them up a bit?

Buy It: GOT Socks ($25 on


Give in to your Puzzle obsession

If you and your family or friends love doing puzzles, this is a must for you! You can leave it up when finished and have a great decoration that reps your love for Game of Thrones. This 3D King’s Landing puzzle looks intense!

Buy It: 3D Puzzle ($25 on


Carry the show with you everywhere

Still lamenting the death of Eddard Stark? This is the Iphone 6 case for you. Unfortunately, its only available for the Iphone 6 or 6s. It’s super cool and gives you a Game of Thrones vibe.

Buy It: Ned Stark Iphone 6 case ($27.95 on


Kick reading up a notch

If you love the books as much as we do, then this bookmark is for you. It’s a Dire-wolf paw and it’s amazing! A subtle little Game of Thrones nod. Perfect if you’re still reading the books, or for any book you’re reading.

Buy It: Ghost’s Paw Bookmark ($24.99 on


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