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Cersei Lannister is pregnant! Most think it’s a given that Jamie is the father of her baby, but we have 4 possible baby daddies! It’s our Game of Thrones Season 8 theory.


Cersei Lannister has a baby in her belly, but who is the father? We have 4 possible baby daddies for you. Yes, Jamie is on our list because that is definitely what everyone thinks, but I’m not sold on that one.

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Who else could be Cersei’s baby daddy? Euron GreyJoy could be one of them. Euron originally had his eyes set on the mother of dragons, though she scorned his affections. Now he has his eyes set on Cersei. He brought her the women who killed her daughter.

Cersei and Euron definitely are plotting to double cross Jon and Dany, so who is to say that they aren’t having a relationship? Cersei has never been faithful to Jamie, even though he’s been faithful to her.

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Another possibility is the Mountain. Cersei and the Mountain have a weird relationship. He is always around her. Find out more details in our video.

Finally, is Cersei really pregnant? There is a case for her just making up the whole thing. I wouldn’t put it past her.


Check out our full video and comment to let us know who you think Cersei’s baby daddy is!

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