Finding your Running Purpose is actually easy

Running with a purpose took me a long time to accomplish. I’m constantly coming back to it, and for a very long time I thought it was difficult to achieve. Yet, finding your running purpose is actually easy.


My Running Diary: March 26, 2019

Having purpose makes everything in life easier and more fun. Finding our running purpose is simpler than I realized and actually easy. It’s funny, because it took me a very long time to find my purpose. I was in my own way and overthinking my running. There were moments when I’d found it, but didn’t really have it. Then I’d lose it and start searching again. Finally, I had a mini epiphany. Learn about changes in other aspects of your life by clicking here and answering a few simple questions.

For me, the running purpose that I was always striving for was to simply just run with no strings attached. To this day I still embrace this purpose. From the moment I started running, I wanted nothing more than to just run. I loved watching other people run effortlessly and I knew that I could be that person as well.

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There were moments on my journey when I had my purpose. I would train every summer for field hockey and I’d run every morning. By the end of the summer, running became effortless. Once I got a taste of doing that, I tried to recreate it. This proved much harder than I ever imagined. It was definitely easy for a sport, but I was too hard on myself otherwise.

I ran into problems when I needed to recreate my running purpose on my own. Something would derail my process. I knew my purpose and was able to achieve it in spurts, but then it would be gone again. There were long periods of time when I’d have it. I made the time for running in life, so my purpose was easy to attain. Making it permanent required a different kind of change.



Until I made a mental shift, there were always moments when I let the things in my life get in the way of running. It took me a long time to overcome this. I’ve since realized that this was me standing in my own way of achieving what I wanted. If I didn’t separate my running from everything else, then I’d always be trying to achieve my purpose.

The shift came for me when I committed to running outside. I decided that no matter what, I would run outside until it became effortless. The switch was flipped in my head and everything else fell into place. I stuck to that goal and achieved it. That feeling when I run was what I always wanted. Now I have it. Its part of who I am.

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Sometimes there are moments when I have to hold on tight to my purpose. I ran throughout my pregnancy and it was tough. It was especially tough after, but I knew that no matter what, I’d get back to where I’d been. I did and continue on to this day.

No matter what happens in my life, I always hold on to my running purpose. That’s how I know I have one that is all mine. No matter what happens in my life, my purpose keeps me running!

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