Home Renovation: 8 Things to do once You’re Done

Before you celebrate the completion of your home renovation, make sure you check our list. We’ve got 8 important things to do now that you’re finished.


The glorious day has arrived. Your home renovation project is over and you are ready to move in! Even though the last few months have been tough and you missed your house like hell, it was all worth it. Before the contractor leaves for the final time, make sure to ask them about tips to maintain your floors, ceilings, walls, gardens, and new furnishings.

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Once they leave, take a deep breath and take in your new home. But before you burst into tears of happiness, here are eight things you must do now that your home renovation is done. And no cheating, okay?


1. Take a long walk inside your house

After your contractor has successfully accomplished the remodel, they will ask you to pick a date to tour through the house and point out flaws (if any) in their presence. Please remember, this is likely going to be your last chance to analyze the work that was done. Put your phone away and leisurely examine your home. See if any work is yet to be done, or if you are dissatisfied with anything. Carry a notepad and write down the things which need to be done. Then hand your list over to your contractor.

2. Don’t sob for the delay, take charge of it

If your contractor informs you that some deliveries of appliances and other items are going to take a few extra days, then go and calmly find out the reason. Always remember, the longer the delivery time of your items, the longer the renovation process will be. Even if the appliances are minor and thus will not hold you back from relocating, you will have to deal with deliveries and installation, which can easily invade your privacy.

3. Install Electronics before furniture

As you might know, electrical work creates a ton of mess which will leave a coat of dust on anything nearby. Ask your contractor about setting up the electrical equipment and running any wires throughout the home. If you need to hire someone else for the installation, be sure they come prior to furnishing the rooms.

4. Don’t hurry furniture installations

No matter how tempted you are to enjoy the sight of new furnishings, it is best not to rush things. If you rented a space to store your furniture until the renovation is done, then this is to going to be tough. Always place furnishings in your home space after its painted. Being completely empty and devoid of any furnishings makes it easier for your contractor to paint the walls with the shades you have chosen.

5. Clean and scrub

Although this may be a nightmare for some, there isn’t any alternative to this step. Remodeling leaves tons of dirt and dust, and it circulates to the areas of your house which didn’t even undergo the process. If the area under renovation was vast and you are feeling lazy, then go and make an appointment with a professional cleaning service. This way your house will be spotless.

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It is not recommended to lie on the couch and binge-eat while the professionals are at their job. Instead, you should supervise and intervene in case they miss a spot. If you own a furnace. then while your house is getting cleansed, replace the furnace filters and let your furnace go through a deep scrubbing too. Phew!

6. Leave the gardens alone

Whether you want to plant actual plants or artificial outdoor plants in your garden, you want to leave the work for last. This is because you will likely have delivery trucks driving through the garden to drop off items during your home renovation. Wait until there is no chance of trucks driving through the fancy silk plants you have hand-picked for your garden. If you have a small front yard, then consider lining the walls of your yard with an artificial plant wall.

7. Arrange for storage

If you’ve just purchased a new home, or you have decided to sever all ties with your good old furniture, then make sure to purchase new ones before moving in. Individuals often focus so much on the home renovation and cleaning, that they tend to forget about placing shelves and furniture pieces. Just imagine clothes piled up across every room because you have no where to put them. A renovated home only feels complete when the entire interior feels organized. No matter how posh the décor of your house, if it isn’t tidy, then it will look just like it did before the renovation.

8. Celebrate!

After every point of your to-do list has been ticked, now it’s time to celebrate and relocate. Take a glance across the things currently in your old place and decide which will make the journey to your renovated home. Scrutinize this decision carefully, taking into consideration the new décor of your remodeled home.


Once you are happy with your new home, it’s time to take some photographs! Then throw a bash and invite your friends and family to celebrate with you in your gorgeously remodeled home.


Photo by Cal David from Pexels

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