Easily Avoid simple Marriage pitfalls with Premarital Therapy

You’re ready for commitment, but are you ready for marriage? Learning what to expect and talking through simple marriage pitfalls via premarital therapy is a great way towards a successful union.


Marriage is an amazing experience, but so many people fall victim to the little things. Avoiding simple marriage pitfalls is easy with premarital therapy. Marriage can be hard work and even the best relationships need some TLC. Prior to deciding to take the plunge and get married, premarital therapy is a great idea.

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Prior to getting married, I took a hard look at my relationship. What were the things I didn’t like or bothered me about my partner? Could we work on these things? Did we need help? These are questions everyone should ask and embrace prior to tieing the knot. It’s easier than you think to avoid simple marriage pitfalls with premarital therapy. You don’t have to face the changes alone.


Avoiding pitfalls is easier with help

One of the biggest marriage pitfalls is listening, or lack thereof. Ask anyone and at some point in their relationship listening has become an issue. It can be a small one, but it can also grow into a big issue if you’re not careful. That’s why I definitely recommend assessing your relationship prior to marriage. A great resource is premarital therapy.

I always think about therapy like this. We all have no problem taking care of ourselves, going to the gym, eating right, getting a trainer, or attending workout classes. In some of those situations, someone else is there helping you, motivating you, and supporting your decision to work on your physical self. The same is true of your emotional and mental self.

Growing together takes work

Just as we work on our physical bodies, a serious committed relationship needs the same work. Even the “easiest” of relationships put a lot of work in. You listen to your partner, you try new things, and you grow with them. Walls come down and your lives grow together.

A common pitfall of marriage is that we forget to do those little things above. We get into a groove, we have children, and we forget to listen, forget to try new things, and fail to grow together. You can turn around one day and your easy relationship is nowhere in sight.


Create a safe space

Working on the little issues you may have in premarital therapy truly helps your relationship grow and have a solid foundation prior to marriage. Most importantly, it gives you a safe space with the tools for your relationship to thrive. It’s so easy to just let your relationship be and not put in the work, but a little goes a long way.

Being able to sit down with your partner and talk things out in a neutral place with no judgement is amazing. I know for my husband and I, we are able to recreate that space in our own home, because we have those tools. I’m constantly reminding myself to listen to him and to say what I mean.

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There are so many marriage pitfalls in our fast paced world, which is why premarital therapy arms you for success. Being in a happy and healthy marriage is amazing. It’s wonderful to travel through life with someone who understands you and wants to be with you. It’s also okay if you disagree and need to take moments to work past your own issues.

To truly have a successful marriage, we need to be open to the things our partners say. We also need to remind ourselves that we are in this together. If we have a disagreement, let’s talk about it. I never want to go to bed mad at my husband and harbor animosity. You shouldn’t either.


Embracing premarital therapy can do wonders for how you see your partner and your relationship. Remember, you’re arming yourself and your relationship with the tools to have a successful life. Isn’t that what we all want when we enter into marriage?


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