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Zac Efron shines in Ted Bundy Movie! Extremely Wicked, Surprisingly Evil, and Vile just premiered on Netflix! Time to stream it.


Extremely Wicked, Surprisingly Evil, and Vile premiered on Netflix on May 3rd and if you know anything about Ted Bundy, this movie is a must!

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on this film. Watching it, I was hooked and initially it’s because I’m extremely interested in true crime stories. I find serial killers interesting and Ted Bundy was so fascinating.

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Zac Efron manages to capture the perplexing aspects of Ted Bundy. A man who outwardly shined, educated, and appeared to be someone who participated in society and wanted to make a difference. On the inside though he obviously was extremely conflicted, dark, and someone so off.

The film stuck very much true to life, which I really enjoyed. Often times you watch a biopic and I realize after that half the story was embellished. As I watched this film, knowing that this story was not embellished, made me take a hard look at these characters.

One aspect I thought a lot about post viewing was the evil side of Ted Bundy. We saw it for a brief moment at the end of the film right at the end of his time on death row and Zac Efron captured it so well. I wanted to see more of that, but I realized that Ted Bundy only showed that side of himself to his victims. His crimes how atrocious, how he continually denied then, claimed he was being “framed,” and even if damning evidence he would not admit to them, speaks volumes to how evil he was on the inside. He couldn’t even admit to them! He had to separate himself from them.

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The story is told from Bundy’s ex girlfriend, Liz, played by Lily Collins. I found her to be okay and a lot of the film she told us how upset she was and she stood by Ted, but she was the person who tipped the police off to him. I wished we saw more of her doubt in Ted instead we saw a lot of regret. As an actress, I definitely think there were a lot of missed moments by Lily Collins. But her performance was solid, I just thought it could have been better.

Find out my in depth review on my video and share with me your own thoughts on this film! Netflix has so much new content that I’ll be sharing more reviews of their films! Stay tuned and feel free to recommend anything to me.


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