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No Happy Ending! Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 4 recap/reaction! I knew there wouldn’t be a happy ending, but I was hoping for one!


SPOILER ALERT! Do not proceed if you are not up to date on Game of Thrones! 

No happy ending is in sight for Game of Thrones. Let me be clear, I wanted a happy ending for Game of Thrones, but I knew that this has always been highly unlikely. After Sundays episode it showed us that Daenerys, who I have been rooting for the whole series, will not be winning the game of thrones.

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Dany, losing her most trusted advisor, Missandei, losing another dragon, and essentially losing Jon too. Jon did not keep his lineage a secret, not only do all the Starks know, but ALSO Tyrion and Varys. Varys no longer bets on Dany. He constantly hedges his odds and joins those who have the best bet and the best intentions at that moment.

Not only did Game of Thrones do this to Dany in episode 4, but they did it to Arya, a bit of Sansa, Jaime, potentially Tyrion, Cersei, Euron, Greyworm, Brienne (this one stung bad), and Jon. The way everything played out set up for everyone ending in disaster!

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It’s funny because Dany is on the path to turning into the mad king! This is something that she said she would not do! Someone who had such good intentions, wanting to come back to her lands, and rule her people. She wanted to show them that the Targaryens were/are not monsters. She is not her brother Viserys or her father, but she’s more like people said her brother, Rhaegar, was like.

I really wanted Arya to say yes to Gendry, even though I knew that wasn’t ever going to happen! Poor Gendry. He didn’t ever truly understand who Arya has become!

Only 2 episodes left in Game of Thrones! I don’t want it to end. How are you all feeling about the show?



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