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Not Today! Every death in Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep3 with our reaction! OMG! The ‘Long Night’ delivered!


SPOILER ALERT! Do not proceed if you are not up to date on Game of Thrones!

‘What do we say to the God of Death?’ ‘Not Today!’ That is exactly what Arya Stark said in this the 3rd episode of Game of Thrones Season 8! A big OMG because this episode delivered.

To first address criticism. I saw a lot about the “darkness” on this episode. This is Game of Thrones and the episodes are always a bit darker and softer! This was definitely done to add to the tension as well as the craziness of the battle. It totally worked for me.

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In our full video we break down every death and our reaction. One that I saw some other criticism on was Lyanna Mormont. It was said that “old school, season 1” of Game of Thrones would have just killed Lyanna. No blaze of glory, no killing a Giant, a la a Ned Stark death. Let’s not forget that Ned Stark was a fool who did not understand the game he was playing. Lyanna Mormont knew fully the game she was playing and knew that her odds of survival were slim! She was not a fool and therefore her death just solidified her character. The criticism was super lame and I wish I saved the article to call out the writer.

There were definitely some obvious deaths a la Ed and Beric, but Jorah’s death while I figured he was dying was super sad! He went out the only way he would have wanted to go out, but still sad for Dany!

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OMG! So many great moments and deaths that I won’t mention them all here, but one moment I was legit super excited for and that’s Sansa and Tyrion. Who else is shipping Sansa and Tyrion? I am! I want these two to end up together!

A moment of silence for Arya Stark because girl is BAD ASS! WOO WOO! Check out my full video and leave me comments with letting me know what you thought of this episode. Also, do you think my theory of a new Night King rises at the end of the series because you need the balance of light and dark. Everything seems cyclical in Game of Thrones!

I can’t wait to see where they take the show next week. We know Cersei is on the chopping block and they got to get to the business of ridding the 7 Kingdoms of her!



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