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Recently I completed She and Him’s 31 Day Full Body Challenge. Dan and I were looking for a less intense challenge and this full body challenge proved to be just that. It’s why I’m calling it a full body challenge for all the people!


You all know I love 30 day fitness challenges and I’m always honest about the intensity of a challenge. Some of the ones I’ve completed have not been for everyone, but my most recent challenge is definitely a full body challenge for all the people!

What makes it a challenge for all? First, there are rest days. This challenge had optimal rest days and they were extremely refreshing. The challenge I did before this was super intense and like I said above, I wanted a less intense challenge. This one with rest days proved to be much more of a beginners challenge. It definitely regrouped my body after some intense fitness over the summer.

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The mix of exercises is extremely approachable. Push ups, triceps dips, mountain climbers, wall sits, plank, squats, jump squats, shoulder taps, lunges, reverse lunges, as well as a handful of other exercises are all ones we know and love. The most intense days come later on when you have to do multiple rounds of mountain climbers. The most you do is five rounds of 30 second mountain climbers. But the mountain climber days are spaced out, yet it was still a welcome burst of intensity.

The rest of the exercises never get intense. On the second to last day, one of your exercises is 20 push ups. Now, if you’ve never done a push up before, then that sounds like a lot. But in terms of the challenge, you will be able to do them by the end! Most of the exercise never get to 20 reps. You live within the 10 to 20 rep range, perfect for beginners.


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A bonus of this full body challenge is that you do multiple exercises a day. I love challenges like this and I’ve been actively seeking challenges out that have a variety of exercises. It makes it more interesting and it also helps you truly get that full body workout. This is a big bonus and the fact that this an approachable challenge gives you no excuse not to try it.

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Completing 30 day challenges is how I continuously mix up my workouts. I always accomplish a fitness goal every month by finishing a new challenge. This full body challenge was exactly what I needed to end my summer. It wasn’t an intense challenge, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. It was nice to do a challenge and not feel like I was getting slapped in the face by it as the challenge went on. A lot of the challenges we’ve done recently have gotten so intense by the end.

The above being said, after doing this challenge I’m now craving that slap in the face! It was good to have this challenge for a regrouping month. Use this challenge if you’re looking for an easier, entry-level challenge, or if you’re just getting into the 30 day challenge game! You won’t regret partaking in this 31 day full body challenge. You’ll feel great at the end and crave an even more intense fitness.



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