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What actually happened in The Deuce Season 2 Ep2 besides nudity, sex, and boobs? This is your comedy recap in only 60 seconds. That’s right, we have a timer and everything! All the goods and none of the rear. Well, maybe a little rear.


There’s so much more to The Deuce Season 2 than nudity, sex and boobs… but this is a 60 second recap comedy, so we can’t ignore them! What happened in episode 2 of The Deuce season 2? We jammed it all into 60 seconds, with a splash of nudity, sex, and boobs.

James Franco is classic 70s man on the hunt. Money rules the day and selling your body is good for the money. How did pornography rise and fall in New York City? You’ll sort of find out, but enjoy the hell out of this historical satire! The Deuce Season 2 baby!

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We love The Deuce! Season one took us on a wild and dirty ride. The Deuce Season 2 is going to be even sexier, with everyone enjoying naked movies. Who will become a big shot? Who will get killed off by the mob? Which James Franco is your favorite?

We have new videos each week on the craziest and most interesting TV out there, so make sure you’re subscribed. History is great, but when it meets fiction it’s even better! Who would you be in The Deuce?

The Deuce Season 2 is completely off the wall! We have no idea where the show will end up in the upcoming episodes, but we’ll discuss it all anyways. BuzzChomp TV.

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