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Guize Face FX MakeUp Review | BuzzChomp

Guize Face FX contour makeup review! The perfect palette for contouring! Its part of our BuzzChomp review series.


Guize Face FX contour powder palette is perfect, especially if you don’t know how to contour. I don’t normally contour my face, but I love the way it looks when someone else does it. For a long time, I had in my head that I just wouldn’t be able to contour myself. Boy was I wrong!

I have always wanted to be good at contouring and honestly, I’m so glad I tried this Guize Face FX palette. It is super easy to use and there is a guide that shows you how to apply the makeup! This was perfect for me.

I’ve used it a bunch now, but this review focuses on when I used it for a wedding I went to last month. Using the guide helped me realize that contouring is all about the placement of each color, as well as layering. You are accenting the different areas of your face and basically defining the different shadows and shades of your face.

This truly is so easy to use and I loved the way my makeup looked. It’s a great contouring palette for beginners, as well as all women who want a great contour palette.

I highly recommend Guize Face FX! Try it out and let me know what you think!

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