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Another week and more questions in the rabbit hole of Dispatches from Elsewhere. The “game” came to an end, but the mystery is far from over. Is there really an architect? My episode 7 reaction.


It was a game, until it absolutely was not. Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 7 ended “the game” and exposed the architect, if there really is an architect. Our group of four is questioning everything and Fredwynn can’t accept that he was so off. He still believes there is something else going on. Now he’s off on a new quest to find the architect, but it appears Janice already found her! Watch my full Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 7 reaction video for every little secret.

Our group finally figures out that the “game” is not technically real. Even Octavio and his twin, Commander 14, are actors. I don’t believe this for a second. Clara is also an actress, but she’s not the real Clara. Peter is now devastated and Janice is lost. Only Fredwynn maintains his conviction through all of the lies in the cave.

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I definitely believe Fredwynn is right and that Octavio was pretending to be an actor. He played “the actor” for the part of the game that is a game. Our group of four are very much living a real experience and seeing through the “game” is all part of their journey.

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At the end of the episode Janice encounters the architect, or at least a piece of the truth. This solidifies the experiences of our group of four from earlier. They are friends and they all did bond, especially Peter and Simone. I love that we didn’t have to wait until the last episode for them to kiss.

Dispatches From Elsewhere keeps getting better and better. The show layered itself so nicely. It’s underrated and I hope more people start discovering its weird goodness. Make sure you watch our full Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 7 reaction video. What do you think of the architect and the game?



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