Top 8 Cannabis Fitness Tips for a great workout

cannabis fitness

Everyone strives to make exercise easier and more fun with better results, which is where cannabis fitness shines. Lisa, a senior content specialist with Fitness News, shares her top eight tips for success.


The topic of cannabis fitness is trending for all the right reasons. Both fitness trainers and trainees are currently incorporating cannabis into their regular training programs to amplify performance and ease recovery. There are, however, many things that the average person must learn to maximize the combination of cannabis and fitness. Ignoring or passing over this crucial knowledge will slow your fitness results or stunt them entirely.

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Whether you’re new to cannabis or an aficionado, it can be daunting to exercise along with it. I’ve complied the eight best tips for cannabis fitness, ensuring a great workout every time. With this information, you will be able to significantly benefit from the experience, and within no time at all, you’re going to see positive changes.


Cannabis Fitness Tips


1. Start with Low Dosages of Cannabis

Different people require different dosages of cannabis to feel the impact. That means if you’re including cannabis in your fitness regime for the first time, you need to figure out your ideal cannabis dosage. You don’t want to feel too high or not feel your dosage enough. Your ideal dose will depend on how you’re planning to consume your cannabis. Generally speaking, start with a dose of 1mg and increase with a similar dose after a maximum of 40 minutes. Stop when you start feeling the impact and record the dosing for later reference. Between 2.5 and 5mg is usually perfect for exercise.

2. Use Cannabis Oil for Immediate Impact

Most trainers who are after gym-rat cannabis products prefer consumption methods that deliver fast results. In that case, the best mode of application is by placing a few drops of cannabis oil under the tongue. The method only takes a few minutes before it gets into your system. Putting cannabis under the tongue leads to immediate absorption thanks to the permeability of the area. It then enters the bloodstream which transports it around the body.


cannabis fitness


3. Always Buy Full-Spectrum Products

When purchasing cannabis products, fitness enthusiasts should always go for full-spectrum cannabis. There are three main types: isolate, CBD, and full spectrum. Of the three, only cannabis full-spectrum possesses the full power of the plant. That is because it has all the compounds found in cannabis, including a percentage of THC. That means it is more effective for fitness-goers because all the cannabinoids combine to provide the entourage effect. Alternatively, one can cultivate their own cannabis by procuring cannabis seeds that you can buy in my online shop (local shipping only).

4. Consume Cannabis 2 Hrs Before Training

There are many fitness trainers who consume cannabis to increase the rate at which their bodies synthesize energy. If this is also your goal, then you must learn how to harness more from your dose. First, take cannabis 2 to 3 hours before you workout. Doing so will give it enough time to unleash its energy-boosting properties. Then go ahead and start your routine with full power and energy.

5. Increase Dosage When Necessary

There may come a time when your current cannabis dose starts producing mild impacts. As soon as you experience this for a full week, you need to increase your dose. To do so, start by adding 1mg to your current dose and gauge the results after 30 minutes. If there is no change, increase another 1mg and repeat the process until you start feeling the impact. Consider this your new dosage of cannabis for your fitness program. We all build up tolerance over time.

6. Store Cannabis Strains Separately

Taking cannabis for fitness requires you to be mindful of your products. That means you need to take care of your strains so they deliver the best impact. For instance, make sure you store different strains separately. Keep in mind that cannabis strains have different characteristics. That means storing them together can lead to a reaction that may affect their traits. That may end up lowering their impact and meddle with your workout.


cannabis fitness


7. Learn Your THC to CBD Ratio

A crucial factor that most people forget is the THC to CBD ratio they need for effective results. Every cannabis product comes with different amounts of THC, which ultimately determines your dosage. Some people need or want a higher amount of THC, while others require lower levels. For fitness enthusiasts who don’t want any THC, consider products with a 1:0 CBD to THC ratio.

8. Verify Third-Party Testing of Cannabis

Third-party testing is the only way you can know what’s actually in your cannabis product. Without third-party testing, you can’t verify its safety to use with your fitness program. Legitimate products must post their testing results. So before you make any purchase, remember to check for third-party testing.


Starting a cannabis fitness routine can ease the challenge of daily exercise. My tips will make sure that you end up with the right cannabis for your fitness. You now know how to store and use cannabis. But most importantly, you know to check for third party testing information for your safety.


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