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Cannabis Brands are mainstream | The Healthy LA

Healthy and happy with that LA vibe. Hold it high and represent the change you seek. Cannabis brands are mainstream and The Healthy LA brings it home. Mainstream cannabis.


Cannabis is pretty incredible and thankfully its going mainstream. There’s the traditional high, a slew of medicinal benefits, good old CBD minus THC, and the cannabis leaf itself which represents significantly more than a simple plant. To break the chains of hate, greed, misinformation and oppression, the cannabis leaf must be held up high and waved like a shining beacon of change. Cannabis brands must rise to this challenge.

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Mainstream society is hard pressed to break its stigmas, but they always get broken in the end. Younger generations usher in necessary change and right now cannabis is a huge part of what’s changing. How do you show off your love for cannabis without alienating the very people you hope to influence? Subtle and sophisticated with a dash of flare that’s totally Los Angeles. This is The Healthy LA.


Cannabis brands
Backpack and Tote bag from The Healthy LA


Be the change. Wear the change. Shop ‘The Healthy LA’

Los Angeles has always stood on the forefront of culture and change. Its relationship with cannabis is no different, so its no surprise that cannabis brands are rising from its streets. The Healthy LA was created to put a smile on your face and bring cannabis culture into the mainstream. This is no ordinary cannabis brand, combining the best qualities of Los Angeles and cannabis into an unforgettable statement.

Your clothing should make you feel cool and your edibles should be healthy with just the right dose of cannabis. This brand is subtle. Its more than pot leafs and their upcoming organic, vegan edibles are for everyone to enjoy. Mainstream cannabis is beautiful.


Cannabis brands
Bikini, pillow, phone case and jacket from The Healthy LA


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We at BuzzChomp stand proud in our belief that together we can all be happier and healthier. Give back and earn with CBD by Vitalibis. Find that perfectly obscure cannabis product you’ve been missing. Share your love of Los Angeles and cannabis with us on Instagram and more. Then visit for sweet pot leaf face masks, pillows, bikinis and more. Mainstream cannabis has arrived with the healthy lifestyle of Los Angeles. Its time we changed together.


cannabis brands


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