5 Biggest Cannabis Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

cannabis rookie mistakes

The waves of change are upon us and cannabis is being accepted for both pleasure and medical use. Have you tried it? Avoid these 5 biggest cannabis rookie mistakes to ensure a good high.

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Cannabis provides a range of medicinal benefits and is a great stress reliever, in addition to being fun for adults. Its more than just a good time, but the secret to enjoying the health benefits of cannabis is to know how to use it. That’s why it’s critical that you take your time to learn and avoid these five biggest cannabis rookie mistakes.

Fortunately, the learning curve is both brief and enjoyable and not as you would imagine. Talk to a more experienced cannabis connoisseur, as they can help you learn to master how best to enjoy cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. Even though you have plenty of options for cannabis consumption, the multitude of choices can easily add to your confusion.

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We focus on how you can enjoy cannabis and its derived products, such as CBD, by avoiding some truly rookie mistakes. One way to enjoy them is without the traditional high, by consuming quality CBD capsules. Another is by incorporating several types and forms of cannabis products together. Avoid the cannabis rookie mistakes below and you’ll enjoy the experience no matter how you choose to consume.


5 Big Cannabis Rookie Mistakes


1. Using the Wrong Equipment

To get the most out of cannabis, you need to use it correctly. That means finding tools that are well-designed and of the highest quality. You may be tempted to buy cheap hardware, but that will only compromise your experience. This doesn’t mean you should go for advanced equipment. They are not the best tools for beginners. You simply want a well made pipe for starters.

Your choice of cannabis gear depends primarily on how you plan to consume it. Many products require no equipment at all. You may use tinctures, drinkables, edibles, concentrates, or topicals apart from smoking flowers. If you have a green thumb, you may even try your hand at home growing for extra satisfaction. It’s not enough to have the right equipment. Always maintain them regularly by cleaning and replacing the parts as required.

2. Storing the Wrong Way

Now that you know how to properly use cannabis, storing it the right way will help you avoid health risks. Cannabis compounds, such as THC, can react when improperly stored. It turns to THC-A, and instead of giving you the high, it makes you tired. Under extreme conditions involving long exposure to oxygen, light, or heat, all cannabinoids in the form of edibles, oils, balm, or tincture degrade. This means your goal is to keep these elements under control.

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The best way to store products infused with cannabis is in sealed containers and in a cold and dark environment. Cooling will help to control the temperature and improve the shelf-life. We love to put our cannabis chocolate in the freezer, but that won’t work for every product. Storage methods differ depending on intended use, materials, and preparation. In addition to enhancing storage, take note of the expiration date. Products, such as foods are perishable and may not last long.


cannabis rookie mistakes
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3. Not Differentiating Between Sativa and Indica

Most novice users feel that all cannabis has the same effect. This is a myth and they’re simply not aware of the various cannabis strains. Indica and Sativa deliver different results. Indica is renowned for its impact on relaxation, while Sativa is more intense and psychoactive. This means that you have to pick a strain based on your needs. New users do well with Indica because it is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia, but it can also make you sleepy. Sativa may be best for daytime use.

Despite the distinction between strains, most forms of cannabis do not come in their pure form. Manufacturers mix them to make hybrid strains that have better effects. Users also react differently to different strains of cannabis. Many new products attempt to categorize their strains by the effects they have, so take your time. Choose the right strain for you.

4. Choosing the Wrong THC to CBD Ratio 

What determines a cannabis product’s effect is the ratio of THC to CBD. All products are produced with different amounts of these two cannabinoids, which ultimately will affect your dosage. A great starting point for beginners is 5 mg of THC in an edible, for example. Choosing products that have the wrong THC ratio to CBD means you won’t enjoy the effects as expected. As a new user, you may be confused about what numbers like 4:1, 18:1, or 1:1 mean on cannabis products. Those denote the amount of THC to CBD. A ratio of 5:1 is likely 5 mg of THC to 1 mg of CBD, but many products are made with only THC or only CBD.

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THC causes your high, while therapeutic effects are what make CBD popular. A CBD only product will not deliver a high and products with a high CBD to THC ratio will likely minimize any high as well. This is because CBD fights the effects of THC in many users. It will take some trial and error to choose a suitable ratio. But a good rule of thumb is to start with a high CBD level and low THC level as you try to strike a balance. This ensures you won’t get too high right away.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

Dry mouth is one of the most common and avoidable side effects of cannabis smoking. Failure to drink enough water can cause your body to become seriously dehydrated. That’s because receptors found in the mouth slow saliva production when you’re high. To avoid this problem, it is best to drink more water than normal. Besides, even if you’re not smoking, staying hydrated is great for your health. Always be sure to drink water before and after smoking.


You may make a lot of mistakes as you start consuming cannabis. While many may seem fun, these five biggest cannabis rookie mistakes are completely avoidable. Learning from experts is the best way to minimize your errors. Make sure to use quality products from reputable shops. The products should be lab-tested by an independent party to ensure that their quality is excellent.


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