Human Rights are How We Change

human rights

Change is good, but change is also uncomfortably difficult. Human rights are how we can change, one positive action at a time.


Below is a speech for human rights. This is how we change. All comments are welcome below.


Silence means fighting fire with water.

Silence is a powerful weapon. But silence does not mean lack of action. It does not mean lack of initiative. Quite the contrary. Silence means fighting fire with water. It means stepping up to foster positive change by healing our communities. It means recognizing the real struggles of people and asking how we would like to be treated under identical circumstances. Human rights are universal. Its time we embraced our similarities, because they are what truly define our existence.

Thrive off the challenge to change.

Change is hard. Its uncomfortable and confronting. Yet we must thrive off the challenge to change and break the cycle of violence that has defined our human existence. One of the simplest childhood idioms is especially relevant today. Treat others as you would like to be treated. This especially applies in the face of being treated cruelly, because as I already noted, we must fight fire with water. We must extinguish the flames of hate so that all people can co-exist in a sea of support. Quite frankly, if we do not unite, then we will surely destroy ourselves.

Healing starts from within.

Civilizations rise and fall, but life always goes on. The earth will prevail over humanity unless we step up to heal ourselves and our home. Ask anyone who has overcome great adversity, be it a drug addiction or a lost loved one, and they will tell you that the healing starts from within. To love another we must first love ourselves. Look inside and appreciate what makes you special and unique. Then turn outwards and acknowledge how every human is also the same. To the outside observer unfamiliar with our societies, all humans are one and the same. So how can we help? How can we set aside centuries of discord to forge ahead together and build a better world?

Work with what we have and make it better.

Its a fools errand to suggest starting society over, because that level of change yields decades of despair. Instead we must work with what we have and make it better. Express gratitude for the little things and thank people just because. Refuse to support corporations that are destroying the planet and funding corrupt politicians. Work to shift the narrative towards positive politics, rather than simply money making politics. Greed cannot define us and power cannot be given to those who crave it. The best leader is one who does not want the job, yet knows deep down they must step up and lead.

The building is on fire.

Ask yourself, what must you do to make a difference? Are you happy with how we treat one another in society? Do you put out into the world what you wish to receive in return? It is impossible to save a burning building by lighting a new fire from within. You will certainly expedite its destruction and help the fire go out faster by default, but nothing but ash will remain. To save the burning building, we must utilize fire’s antithesis. We must change the nature of fire so that it can no longer harm the building. News flash; the building is on fire and a great many people are lighting fresh matches. While its true that some people just want to watch the world burn, a great deal more want to build a better one for future generations to enjoy.


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Human Rights photo credit: Education Week

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