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Snowpiercer dived deeper into its mystery! Our episode 3 reaction video contemplates whether this mystery is solved. The train has many layers, but it might not be as layered as those around it think.


Snowpiercer episode 3, titled “Access is Power,” showed us that Melanie and “Mr. Wilford” do not know all that goes on their train. There is a whole power system and an underground market that Layton effortlessly exposes. The big question is is this mystery solved? Check out our full Snowpiercer episode 3 reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

Snowpiercer has yet to show us its full complexity and I’m not sure that it will. I’m definitely okay if it doesn’t. Currently, Layton uncovers the drug ring run by the Janitors and learned through Zarah, his ex, that Sean was selling drugs and getting them through the Janitors.

Layton also learns that Sean was a Wilford informant and uses this information to test the head Janitor. He acts extremely surprised by this. While Layton learns the workings of the train, learns that Melanie does not know nearly as much about the train as she thinks.

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The big piece of this mystery that Layton hasn’t even touched yet is the Folgers family. The red head daughter definitely has something to do with Nikki because when she sees her at the fight, her and her shaved head bodyguard give each other a look. By the episode the bodyguard is in Nikki’s hospital room.

Mystery solved right? I don’t think the show is that straight forward, but we will definitely see in the coming episodes and Layton will have two possibly three more murders to solve (if Shaved head guy did in fact kill Nikki at the end of the episode).

Snowpiercer moves along nicely and has some good layers. There are mini twists, but they haven’t really come out of nowhere. My verdict is out of whether this will be a super complex show because right now it really isn’t. That isn’t taking away from my enjoyment. Check out my full Snowpiercer episode 3 reaction video and share with me your thoughts!


Snowpiercer episode 3

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