Give Back and Earn with CBD Oil by Vitalibis

CBD oil

We loved using CBD oil by Vitalibis in the past, so it was a welcome surprise to be invited to try their new products. Be well. Do good. Its not just their motto, but an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


Not all CBD oil is created equal, even if the benefits are there no matter what. We enjoy using CBD to relax our muscles. It helps with our recovery as well, since we are fitness buffs and are always partaking in a new workout challenge. What CBD product and company is the best? Vitalibis offers multiple CBD options, including oils and lotions, plus a unique way to give back and earn extra money for yourself! Use our code buzzchomp10 to receive $10 off $50 or more at checkout.

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Be well. Do good. That is the motto at Vitalibis and one of the reasons we love them! Traditional CBD oil is highly effective and comes in three concentrations from Vitalibis. We prefer the 600 mg oil because you can take less oil and still get the results you desire. Mix it into your coffee or a fruit juice. Even take it with food. The flavor can be strong at first if ingested directly from the bottle.


CBD oil
600 mg CBD oil by Vitalibis


We favor Vitalibis over other brands because they love to give back to the community and help the environment. If you’re interested in sharing your own love for CBD and its associated products, then you can email Vitalibis (CustomerCare@vitalibis.com) for your own unique code to share with your community. When they buy, you earn and Vitalibis gives back. Plus, everyone gets a discount and all orders currently receive a free gift!

CBD is not a one size fits all product. It works well when ingested directly, but is also highly effective when applied topically. Face wash, eye cream, and body lotion are just a few of the wellness options to add CBD into your beauty routine. No matter how you choose to embrace CBD, you get that highly coveted relaxation feeling without any high from traditional hemp/cannabis products.



Beyond simply CBD oil, the folks at Vitalibis also offer some incredible essential oil blends. We are hooked on essential oils, because they freshen up our home and your mood. The Sunshine blend is a personal favorite. Its perfect for summer and awakening any room of your house. Its also called ‘Focus’ because its intended to help eliminate all distractions around you.

Don’t sleep on CBD oil any longer. Its a wonderful alternative to more traditional supplements and the benefits are obvious rather quickly. Plus, with Vitalibis you can earn money by sharing something you love. Then they give back! Its a unique opportunity.



CBD oil

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