Westworld Season 3 Cliff Notes | Highlights Only

The 3rd season of Westworld asked so many questions, but there was only one answer named Dolores. Highlights only and blazing fast. Your Westworld season 3 cliffnotes.


Westworld season 3 was different, but great science fiction none the less. All eight episodes in under eight minutes. These are your cliffnotes, the highlights from a season that went in a new and really creepy direction. Dolores is the savior of all hosts and humans. Bernard is the ultimate AI and Caleb is the cool new character who is surprisingly badass. Plus Maeve versus Dolores and a ton of allegory. Watch my full video for every insane highlight.

The best science fiction is a play on our own world and how we live. Westworld season 3 unraveled in a wonderful way, all be it with a simple story. It was all about choices and stepping up to make them. Will you let the world control you, or will you be in control of your own world?

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I wanted the hosts to find safe haven in Westworld season 3, but instead they created a new world. The Man in Black, host version, teamed up with evil Dolores, also known as Charlotte. Who will stop the host uprising, or is it destined to succeed? There’s no telling what will happen and when it will be.

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