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Snowpiercer Season 1 premiers on TNT May 17th and I’ve followed this show through its production woes, network changes, and now to its eminent premiere! A prequel to the 2013 film, can this TV series live up to the hype of the film?


Our Snowpiercer Season 1 preview explores what this TV adaptation is all about. Will it be a train wreck? Part insurgence, part execution murder mystery, Snowpiercer diverges from the plot of the original film. Of course it has to or else it’d be just another identical take on the film. Make sure you check out our full preview.

One of the reasons I’m excited for this show is the amazing actors. Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie Cavill one of the rich people on the train and definitely not part of the good guys of this show.

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Daveed Diggs plays Andre Layton the protagonist and basically the Chris Evans character from the film. He’s a member of the tailies who want fight their way forward. Diggs is a fabulous actor and I’m excited to see how he portrays this character.

The reviews for this show so far are split and that’s definitely because of the cult following of the original film. With TNT having some really amazing shows, one reviewer compares this more to Falling Skies or The Last Ship. I never got into The Last Ship, but I thoroughly enjoyed Falling Skies.

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Production problems plagued Snowpiercer and slated it to be the first TBS drama, it ended up getting switched to TNT. It definitely falls more in line with that brand. I’m split on my expectations of this show and if we should hold them so high. Knowing the backstory of the productions leaves me with lower expectation.

I’m always intrigued in adaptations, re-telling, as well as turning movies into TV shows. Snowpiercer Season 1 is only 10 episodes so I will definitely follow it during this season 1 journey! Watch our Snowpiercer Season 1 preview and let us know what you’re this show expectations are for season 1.


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