Snowpiercer Episode 1 Reaction | Who has Control?

Snowpiercer episode 1 came barrelling out of the station, pun intended. It laid the groundwork for a potentially great first season. But who has control? Let’s dive into our episode 1 reaction.


Snowpiercer episode 1 laid the foundation for a potentially solid first season. Consider me excited… for now! From the beginning, the question that must be answered is “Who has Control?” This is a similar theme to the film, but the differences have already been made apparent. Make sure you watch our full Snowpiercer episode 1 reaction video for every dirty detail.

It’s evident from the start that among all of the classes on the train, there is a real struggle for power. The train runs on this balance and it pleases “Mr. Wilford” when its in harmony. It’s Mr. Wilford’s train and there must be a balance throughout it. Currently Melanie controls this balance of power. Is she Mr. Wilford as well?

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Besides this power struggle and figuring out who is in control, the first episode focuses largely on Layton. He’s a tailie, from the tail of the train, and the only homicide detective left on the planet. There is a murder and Layton is ‘given’ the opportunity to solve it and be rewarded with a third class upgrade. Being noble and loyal, Layton wants all of the tailies to become third class and be given back their right to procreate. No one has had a baby in 5 years, so the food is obviously tainting them.

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Of course the tailies plan another uprising against Layton’s wishes. He wanted them to wait until they had an upper hand, but they decide to rise up again anyhow. It does not go well and Layton must fix the mess that the tailies have caused. He has a plan for them and isn’t taking the detective job to escape and become a third class passenger like many other tailies have done before.

So much more unfolded in Snowpiercer episode 1. The first episode is straightforward, interesting, and lays the track for an extremely interesting show. Man, its too easy to make train puns. All the pieces fall into place, along with some wrinkles that make us think big surprises are coming. Let us know what you think and make sure you follow our weekly reaction videos here on BuzzChomp.




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