Quarantini Grocery Run | Quarantine Horror Comedy

Do you dare make a grocery run? Gear up like its the plague because shopping is a horror. A Quarantini for your quarantine, because horror comedy is how we’re all feeling.


Shopping takes on a whole new meaning in quarantine and this grocery run is a horror. Don’t make me do it! I can’t go out there! Time to gear up in full protective covering because the horror comedy of quarantine is extreme. Will you dare to take a grocery run after this Quarantini?

Quarantine horror comedy, when everything that can go wrong finds a way. Do you dare venture outside for… shopping? A grocery run sounds easy, but is a real horror show. Your Quarantini, shaken not stirred.

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What types of horror comedy have befallen you during quarantine? Its the perfect storm of tragedy and beautiful disaster. Add in a dash of style and you have a Quarantini. Drink up, you’ll be here awhile.

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