Returning to the Gym Safely upon Reopening

returning to the gym

While we love home workouts, there’s no denying the options and freedom of returning to the gym. Doing so safely is integral and our tips will help you get back the workout you crave.


While it may take awhile to completely reopen businesses across the country, many gyms are already returning to normal. This raises an important question for anyone who loves working out at a gym. How can I stay healthy and keep my family safe while going back to a normal workout routine outside of my home? Thankfully, returning to the gym safely is possible and straightforward for all.

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For those seeking an expanded workout experience at the gym, we’ll go over the most effective tips for keeping yourself clean and healthy, as well as those around you. Keep in mind that you may need to take extra precautions beyond cleaning your gym equipment. Wiping down your workout sneakers, continuing to practice social distancing measures, and wearing a mask around others are just a few of the changes you’ll need to embrace when returning to the gym.


Are You Ready For The Gym?

Social distancing and other practices help keep us safe while in public. Yet it’s obvious that avoiding all social contact is the best way to ensure our safety. Exercising outside is much more conducive to staying away from others, especially if you live in a rural or suburban area. Its easy to avoid people and being outside has its own advantages. Being inside at the gym presents the opposite situation, so make sure its the right decision for you right now.

If you are craving the gym, then plan your trips accordingly. Attempt to schedule your workouts early in the morning or late in the day when fewer people will be exercising. We also recommend you workout on your own instead of with a friend or trainer. Joining fitness classes will come much later, as they often put 20 or more people into a relatively confined space. The more open air around you, the better.



Finding The Right Gym For You

Most businesses are prioritizing social distancing and the health of their customers. Yet grocery employees, Amazon workers, and many others have reported insufficient protections. Don’t put your health, or your family’s health, at risk just to go to the gym. It’s critical that you find a gym that respects your safety and is keeping itself clean. Don’t assume your old favorite is doing what it should. Ask the employees.

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Some of the main factors to consider include strong ventilation, spacing between equipment, and employees wearing masks. Keep in mind that gyms won’t have an incentive to change their policies unless customers stand up for their needs. You pay a membership, so make sure its being well spent for your well being.

Safely Returning To The Gym

It’s impossible to completely eliminate all health risks at gyms and other crowded places, but there are a few key ways to reduce your risk. As usual, you should always wipe down equipment thoroughly before and after each use. If you’re using a yoga mat, bring your own rather than adding unnecessary risk by sharing equipment. Bring your own towel as well, since you know its clean and untouched.

You might be tempted to let go of your concerns if others at the gym seem fine. Yet that is when trouble can arise. If you see someone forget to wipe down a machine, kindly ask them to go back and clean it off. Remember that people can still get other sick even if they aren’t showing any obvious symptoms. We all must keep clean, especially when sharing a workout space.


Working out at home or outside is the best way to keep risks low while exercising, but many of us love the gym experience. Returning to the gym safely requires a few simple changes and due diligence. Once you decide you’re ready, take your time and go alone. In the end, exercise must be fun.


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