7 Successful Muscle Building Workouts For Men

muscle building workouts

Being strong and healthy is the goal, which means building the right muscles across your entire body. These are the 7 most successful muscle building workouts for men. Call it your crash course to greatness.

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Are you looking for challenging exercises to help you gain muscle mass? Then you have landed at the right place, because we’ve found seven of the most successful muscle building workouts for men. We live in a time where leading a healthy lifestyle, working out and building a good physique is an impeccable choice. These exercises hit on every muscle group to ensure a full body build.

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Getting strong is fun, but muscle building is every gym-goer’s dream. Besides following a healthy, nutritious diet, one must also follow a vigorous muscle building exercise routine that concentrates on a large group of different muscles. Performing the right exercises help build muscle fast and efficiently, without having to spend too much time in the gym. To aid in your success, we have curated a list of seven muscle building workouts that build strength and size efficiently.


Muscle Building Workouts


1. Military Press

Main Muscle Worked: Shoulders

A man may have six-pack abs and bulging arms, but if his shoulders are not big and strong, then his look is incomplete. The military press is a wonderful compound movement that builds strength and the size of the shoulders. As the name indicates, the “military press” was once used as an indicator of strength in the military. During the 1800s, being able to do this power lift was a sign of upper body strength.

The military press is also beneficial in improving shoulder mobility. A person can do this to target the deltoid muscles, shoulders, and triceps. This makes it an excellent workout for building arm strength and size. The most challenging part during military press is that it requires the lifter’s core and legs to stabilize the weight.

2. Deadlift

Main Muscles Worked: Glute, Hip Flexor

Though the name might sound scary, for years the deadlift was the most praised exercise among power lifters. The deadlift is a real strength and mass builder. A gradual increase of weights in deadlift can help build significant muscle groups like hamstrings, glutes, forearms, back, and quads. The traditional deadlift, i.e. barbell deadlift, is the most highly regarded workout, but variations like Romanian deadlift, sumo deadlift, and stiff-leg deadlift, are also beneficial.

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It is essential to follow the right posture and steps to deadlifting. Not doing so can lead to back injuries. The lifters’ foot placement and body position are integral. Lifting the load from the floor, and its descent, should be made with proper form. For beginners, begin with two sets of six reps of low weight, and then slowly add to it.

3. Bench Press

Main Muscles Worked: Deltoid, Triceps, Chest

The bench press is an exceptional strength builder and is crucial for upper-body muscle development. There is a misconception that bench press targets only the chest. The fact is, it targets the larger muscle groups in the top portion of the body like forearms, trapezius, deltoids, triceps, and pectoralis major and minor. A proper bench press requires the trainee to position their body and feet, arch the back, grip the bar and then move it horizontally.

Doing modifications of this workout, such as incline bench and dumbbell bench, will target different upper body muscle groups. A beginner should start with a lighter weight, and then raise the load when they get comfortable with their progress. Some men find it difficult to gain muscle due to low testosterone levels. Taking supplements containing anadrol can be beneficial in increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat. Make sure to consult your trainer and a health professional before consuming it.


muscle building workouts
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


4. Bent Over Row

Main Muscles Worked: Back of the body

This activity requires bending at the abdomen and raising a barbell or dumbbell towards the chest. The primary focus of this workout is the back muscles, but it also involves the arms, shoulders, and legs. As one gets more comfortable with this exercise, modifications are encouraged to include other muscle groups and help balance the body. For people who have a history of back problems, consult your physician before trying this exercise. Beginners should try this with a trainer first, to keep the right posture. Within a few weeks, one will notice the details on their back and increased size. Once you get comfortable with this form, try its variations like dumbbell bent-over row and T-bar bent row.

5. Barbell Squats

Main Muscle Worked: Quadriceps

Are you looking for a workout that targets the lower body? Then one cannot ignore barbell squats. It is a compound workout that primarily targets quadriceps, but also focuses on hamstrings, glutes, and claves. Ensure that you hold your back upright, while lowering the weight to the base without traumatizing your knees.

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This workout also has a few varieties like front squats, Zercher squats, and overhead squats. Men can also combine a barbell squat with training that focuses on hamstrings to increase efficiency. For instance, one can do barbell squats with leg curls. A good start would be doing 4-8 reps in three sets for strong leg muscles.

6. Pull Ups

Main Muscle Worked: Back

For all men dreaming of a V taper appearance, mastering pull-ups is pivotal to increasing size and strength. It is a milestone movement for men who have accomplished strength training. This exercise helps to increase the width of the back, while simultaneously building strong back muscles.

Strengthening the back muscles via pull-ups will also help you do other lifts like deadlifts. Equipment-wise, you only require a pull-up bar to perform it. It gives a sense of great accomplishment after nailing the first pull up. It is a great upper body strength tracking tool. Again, just like other workouts, there are variations to pull ups like a weighted pull-up, kipping pull-up, and chest to bar pull-up.

7. Weighted, Hanging Leg Raises

Main Muscle Worked: Abs

This is an excellent workout and a more challenging version of the hanging leg raise. It primarily targets the abs and a little on the hip flexors and quads. The only equipment required for this exercise is a pull-up bar and some weights. Regular practice of this workout improves shoulder and upper back stability. Keep the weight between the ankles, then raise the legs. Repeat this workout for three sets of three reps for best results.


Most men fantasize about a ripped and well-built body. Though it is often challenging to reach those levels, being consistent with these 7 muscle building workouts , along with a healthy diet, will considerably improve your physique. A gym trainer can guide you through a fitness program and diet to follow vigorously. Remember, with strenuous exercise one must also get sufficient rest and sleep for muscle recovery. Therefore, be patient while you are on your muscle building journey.

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