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Family Fun at Home Guide for Summer

It’s officially summer and it’s time to enjoy ourselves! Family fun at home is crucial to a great summer, so follow our guide for guaranteed smiles.


Welcome to summer! No matter how you’re currently feeling, great fun is at your fingertips. Most of us will be sticking around home, but finding exciting and different things to do this summer is its own great adventure. Family fun at home begins now!

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It’s easy to make your backyard or outdoor space an oasis for fun! Kids love to play in the water, so if you don’t have a pool, our guide has some great water toys that are perfect for all ages! Are you craving great outdoor entertainment? Easily create your own drive-in movie theater or relaxing oasis with a fire pit and projector screen.

The best part about our guide is that everything is found on Amazon. You can get everything in one place and still don’t have to go anywhere. Enjoy our family fun at home guide! Send us your best pics with one of these items and we’ll share it social media. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


Family Fun At Home


3-in-1 Sprinkler Pad for Kids

Summers get hot and this sprinkler pad is perfect for kids of all ages! Little ones will love it, as well as older ones who want to play. It has a fun learning design that will keep your kids entertained and loving the summer heat.

Buy It: Sprinkler Play Pad ($25.99 on


Super Water Blasters

Water guns are timeless and so much fun. Kids love them and parents can enjoy them too. These are perfect if you have a pool or just want something to occupy your kids for hours!

Buy It: Water Blasters ($26.99 on


Fire Pit

With nowhere to go in the evenings, this fire pit will turn your backyard into an oasis! Chill out with food, drink, or just watch the fire burn. We all need a little spice like this for summer.

Buy It: Fire Pit ($59.99 on


Marshmallow Roasting Kit

Whether you’re camping or using your new fire pit, this marshmallow roasting kit is amazing! The summer is definitely the time for S’mores. It’s fun for the whole family!

Buy It: S’mores Roasting Kit ($26.99 on


Mini Projector

Even though going to the movies is off the table, that doesn’t mean you are unable to enjoy them. Turn your own backyard into a “drive in” movie theater with this amazing projector. See below for a killer screen too.

Buy It: Mini Projector ($139.99 on


Outdoor Projector Screen

This projector screen completes your backyard movie theater. You need something to show your movies on and this large screen is amazing. No one will miss not being able to go out to the movie theater.

Buy It: Projector Screen ($183.50 on


Laser Tag Set

I absolutely love laser tag. It’s one thing I can’t wait to do with my own kids. There is a laser tag venue not far from us, but who knows when it will open again. This set is so amazing and worth it! You can play as a family, or your kids can play on their own.

Buy It: Laser Tag Set ($119.59 on


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