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Snowpiercer episode 7, “The Universe is Indifferent”, is all about sacrifice. Melanie has to sacrifice so much in this episode, seemingly leading to her own demise. The choices Melanie made in this episode put her on a path she can’t come back from.


The most recent episode of Snowpiercer, episode 7 titled “The Universe is Indifferent,” shows us all the sacrifice that everyone is willing to make especially Melanie. She sacrifices herself and I don’t think she can come back. Make sure you check out our full episode reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

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All the good will that Melanie earned last episode she gave away this episode. The need to get Layton is Melanie’s main focus. Through this singular focus she’s alienating Ruth, the people in first class, and now the talies. Josie will be the tails martyr and Melanie will not be able to turn Miles to her side.

Josie made the ultimate sacrifice this episode. Zarah singles her out to Melanie because Melanie threatens her unborn child. Josie being singled out like that is the motivation that tail needs as well as the talies to convince third class to join them.

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This episode started a bit slow, but it truly made up for it in the end. Melanie makes poor decisions and the rash decisions she does make leads her to shed so much of herself. Her own struggle between good and evil leads her closer to the evil path. I don’t think she can redeem herself.

Snowpiercer episode 7 is a slow burn, but the burn is worth it. The end of this episode is straight crazy and there is no coming back from it for Melanie. Make sure you check out our full Snowpiercer episode 7 reaction video.


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