New Normal Quarantini | Quarantine Horror Comedy

This new normal is unavoidable, so suck it up and face your fear. Go outside, even if you could die. Just do it alone, because we’re not all ready. A Quarantini for your quarantine, because horror comedy is how we’re all feeling.


It’s time. It’s time for us to return to the world and accept the new normal. Except that its IMPOSSIBLE for us to go outside without being haunted by coughing and sneezing! I mean, if we go outside, we could die… right? One of us overcomes their fear, but the other refuses. It’s not his fear to face!!

What is this new normal you speak of? Do you fully understand what it means to face this fear? Alright, time to head outside. But delivery is free and WAY easier, so maybe this whole ‘outside’ thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. We feel better!

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Quarantine horror comedy, when everything that can go wrong finds a way. Its time to accept this new normal, but the horror is all too real. Going outside with actual people sounds easy enough, but the reality is a horror show. Your Quarantini, shaken not stirred.

What type of horror has befallen you during these trying times? Its the perfect storm of tragedy and beautiful disaster. Add in a dash of style and you have a Quarantini. Drink up, you’ll be here awhile.

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