Snowpiercer Episode 8 Reaction | Revolution!

Snowpiercer Episode 8 brought on the revolution! The show has been leading up to this and the revolution hit the train on all fronts. This definitely won’t end well for anyone!


Snowpiercer episode 8, titled “These are his Revolutions,” brought on the revolution! Layton had this all planned out and launched it on multiple fronts! I don’t think this will end well for anyone! Make sure you check out our full Snowpiercer episode 8 reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

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Layton is extremely smart in his execution of this revolution. He pits first class against Melanie as a distraction for the tailie uprising. By doing this, he’s also able to get the police force, the brakemen, to back down and let them pass through third class.

Melanie is the big sacrifice in this revolution. Layton serves her up to first class and Ruth hands down her sentence of death. Ruth is extremely upset and turns on Melanie because of the Mr. Wilford betrayal. The sad part is that even though Melanie lied she did value Ruth and her dedication to the train.

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The unfortunate part for the train is that Melanie ran it extremely well. She really did value humanity and tried to save them. She designed the train, she had the foresight of how to run it, and she really did a good job. Melanie was put in a bad situation with the people storming the train and basically using the tailies as a threat to the other passengers on the train. It’s actually an integral part because everyone fears the tailies and they are able to use those people to upgrade and supplement third class and their workers.

There is only one 2 hour episode left in Snowpiercer season 1 and I’ve really enjoyed this season. The show is interesting and Melanie is my favorite character. Just when I think she can’t be redeemed, she did kill Josie, I’m then sympathizing for her and angry that Ruth sentences her to death!

My hope for the season finale is that they don’t kill Melanie. It would be a huge twist and change to show if they do kill her off. I think it would be a bad move because she is such a powerful character. Make sure you watch our full Snowpiercer episode 8 reaction video and share with us your thoughts!


Snowpiercer Episode 8

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