Wellness Check In: 5 Steps to Clarity

Summer is normally when we let go, travel, and have fun with our families. Since we’re in this pandemic and its emotional toll is huge, now is perfect for a wellness check in.


Living through this pandemic has definitely been interesting. What I’d hoped would be a few months has turned into many more, especially here in Los Angeles. The emotional toll is huge, no matter your situation, so we need to confront it. Most summers we can let go, have fun and see family and friends with ease. This summer we need a wellness check.

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In the beginning, many people used their time to regroup and reset. Now that its summer and many plans are halted, you might be feeling the emotional weight more than ever. I’m definitely taking this moment for a wellness check in! Think of this as five steps to clarity.


Wellness Check


Be honest with yourself.

We are starting with something obvious that is harder than ever. Being honest with myself took me years to master. I constantly come back to this and make sure that I’m living it. Such honesty has helped me to live in a place of positivity, as well as acknowledge when I need to take care of myself. This is a hard time for everyone and not having the summer you planned at the beginning of 2020 is weight on your shoulders. A great way to make sure you’re being honest with yourself is to reflect on how you’re feeling right now and where you actually are in this life.

Check in with your goals.

Most of my industry is shutdown and only a limited number of projects have come back. This is 2020, as the entertainment industry will not come back in full force this year. That being said, I’m still accomplishing a lot of my goals. You can be too. I’m constantly producing my own projects for a variety of platforms. Dan and I are creating and working on pitches, while auditioning for the available opportunities that are rather plentiful. Go out there and get creative. Whatever industry you find yourself in, build on where you are. Work on your skills, evaluate how you can reach your goals, and make sure you’re ready to succeed.

Keep exercising.

Many people used their time at the beginning of this pandemic to dedicate themselves to a new or renewed fitness routine. How are you doing with it right now? Be honest and check in with your fitness. Even if you didn’t end up devoting any time to it, you can start now. Its never too late. The summer is the perfect time to get outside and move, regardless of your fitness level. I have used my time to get back to my running self post-pregnancy.

I had a baby right at the beginning of this pandemic and my goal was to continue running and do fitness challenges. Having accomplished that, now I’m pushing myself to run farther and faster. Running and exercising help me clear my mind everyday. It helps put so many things in perspective and it keeps me grounded. I experience not only physical benefits, but emotional ones too. Keep exercising.


wellness check
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Embrace 2020 for what it is.

Everyone would rather not be going through a pandemic and it’s certainly hard on each one of us. We have sacrificed things, changed our lives, and not because we wanted to. That being true, this year is as unique as they come, making it a gift. Saying we should cancel 2020 or restart the year is ridiculous. We are in the thick of it and we get to choose how it plays out. I challenge everyone to look at the year and what its given us, then embrace that.

Is 2020 telling us we need to embrace change? Yes it is! Is this year showing us we can face a huge challenge and adapt? Yes it is! Is it giving us more time with our families or the people we live with? Yes it is! All of those things are unique gifts that we need.

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We all must embrace this change in 2020 and learn from it. My family and I learned we can survive as a family of four, having adapted to being home together 24/7. This year showed us how we can enjoy the simple things, like going next door to the park and having a relaxing picnic the four of us. No matter what goes down, we will come out the other end stronger, together as a family.

If you don’t like your situation, change it!

Simply put, if you don’t like your situation, then change it. Figure it out and make it better. This will likely be hard and it might feel like you can’t do it, so embrace this 2020 mantra: What doesn’t break us, only makes us stronger. There is no reason for anything going on to divide you, beat you down, and make you think that you can’t overcome it. You can. You are strong enough.

Do whatever you must to change your situation. If that means moving out of the home you are living in, changing cities, cutting people out of your life, or finding a whole new career, then do it! Do all of it. Life is what we make of it and thinking your situation is stuck and has to stay the same is silly. Everything is constantly changing. Focus on your wellness and what is going to make your life great!


I always check in on my mental and physical well being throughout the year, and its even more imperative in 2020. My family dynamic has changed once again, not to mention changing to a stay at home life. Some of this is positive and some is negative, but its all what I need. Take that deep look at yourself, breath, and have a successful wellness check in!


Meet Your Wellness Check Leader:

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