3 Amazing 30 Day Fitness Challenge to Spice Up Home Workouts!

30 day fitness challenge

Spicing up your home workouts is as easy as starting a 30 Day Fitness Challenge. They are an incredible way to focus in and push yourself daily. All three of these challenges are personal favorites that torch your body.

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To stay fit, you need a fitness rock. The 30 day fitness challenge is mine because they truly are an amazing way to focus and build yourself up. Challenges are also great for spicing up home workouts and taking yourself to a new level of fitness. When you are ready to begin, I recommend starting on a Monday. This will align the final day to a Tuesday and give you the rest of that week to rest prior to beginning a new one.

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I’ve been doing 30 day challenges for years, starting a new one every month and never repeating. My very first challenge was a five minute plank challenge and I was totally hooked. Over the past few months I’ve done these three amazing challenges below and they truly stand out. Each 30 day fitness challenge will torch your body and motivate you to kick your fitness routine into gear!


Challenge 1: Full Body Challenge

My favorite type of 30 day fitness challenge is the full body challenge, which is why this one is so awesome. It touches everything with seven exercises that you do daily. There is a rest every 4th day and you need it. Challenges like this are my jam because they are extensive! What makes this a particularly great challenge is that it starts off slow and lays the groundwork for accomplishing each exercise daily. You begin with only a few reps of each exercise and slowly it goes up. By the end of this challenge you’re doing a full 10-15 minute workout depending on your fitness level.

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This challenge is made for all levels, because none of the exercises are too difficult. Your exercises: donkey kicks, burpees, roll ups, bicycles, double leg lifts, wall sit, and plank. I suggest really emphasizing each exercise during the early days of this challenge. This allows you to become precise, strengthen your body, and prepare for the difficulty ahead.

This is a great fitness challenge to start off with, even if you’ve never done one before. Recruit your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or whomever you live with to do this with you. Then you’ll never miss a day. It’s truly a great way to start your morning.


30 day fitness challenge
Full Body Challenge – All Levels – Complete Workout (10-15 min)


Challenge 2: HIIT Challenge

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are great. The same exercises also make for great fitness challenges. I frequently find new HIIT style challenges and this one is a keeper. The simplicity of this fitness challenge is a big selling point, because its high intensity. Two exercises are accomplished daily, 60 seconds each, repeated twice. That is it! Everyone has the time to do this workout and I always did mine in the morning, after I got back from a run.

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My favorite part of this challenge is the consistency. On the 7th day you rest, which is always Sunday if you start on Monday. Every day is two exercises and there is no ramp up to this challenge. Some days are easier, but its only every four minutes, two sets of two. One minute of burpees is always hard, especially when paired with mountain climbers. You might think it’ll be easy, but trust me when I say it gets tough!

If you are new to fitness and currently working on your stamina, then this 30 day fitness challenge is ideal after you’ve created a habit with Challenge #1 above. Since this challenge drops you right into it, wait until your second month of fitness training to add this in. It will solidify your stamina and push you to avoid rest between sets and keep the intensity up.


30 day fitness challenge
HIIT Challenge – Intermediate and Above – Focused Workout (4 min)


Challenge 3: Abs Challenge

Abs challenges are my absolute favorite, especially as an addition to my other fitness. After not doing abs most of last year and into this year due to my pregnancy, I’ve been craving them. This challenge does not disappoint! It consists of the same four exercises every day, with a rest on the 4th day. This type of challenge flow is one of my favorites, three days on and one day off, because my abs need a rest by that 4th day. I’m craving a day off and then I’m ready to get back to it.

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All four exercises are extremely approachable. They are plank, side plank, bicycles, and crunches. This combination truly works the full spectrum of your abs. The beginning of this challenge is once again approachable, but by the end you’re going all out with 100 bicycles and crunches, as well as 90 seconds of plank and 76 seconds of side plank. Remember to do both sides! This fitness challenge becomes a really great workout by the end.

If you’re new to fitness challenges, then this one definitely preps you for the gamut of different challenges. Its a great one to start with and as you get deeper into it, there is no shame in breaking the exercises into sets. The worst thing you can do is overexert yourself trying to gain core strength. Doing 100 crunches and bicycles is no joke! So be honest with yourself and where your fitness level is at.


30 day fitness challenge
Abs Challenge – All Levels – Core Workout (5-10 min)


No matter your fitness level, adding a 30 day fitness challenge to your daily workout routine is amazing. Dan and I have been doing one every month for many years. Even after I gave birth (both times), I gave myself a week and hopped right back into a challenge. They truly keep me focused, grounded, and energized. Every time someone asks me how to make fitness a part of their daily routine, I recommend starting a fitness challenge. Not only are they fun, but you accomplish something every day of every month. Having a fitness milestone will keep you motivated and loving your journey.


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