Pandemic Workout Refresh: Safe Ideas for Family Fitness

pandemic workout

Exercise not only makes us feel great by relieving stress and building confidence, its also great for our health. That means making time for family fitness with our Pandemic Workout refresher.

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We all logically know that regular exercise is essential for our physical and mental well-being. This is true for both individuals and families, so how do we keep things simple and fun? While several factors, like excess weight, can increase an individual’s risk of developing osteoarthritis and a host of other diseases, incorporating movement into your daily routine has a number of positive benefits. That means family fitness with our Pandemic workout refresher.

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Where can one turn for safe fitness activities? Many gyms remain closed or are operating with restrictions, while other activities now include concerns pertaining to the ongoing pandemic. What’s the safest way for your family to stay active while keeping risks low? Here are a few fun ideas that will get everyone out of the house and on their feet, while allowing you to practice health and safety guidelines during the ongoing pandemic. Call it your Pandemic Workout refresh!


Pandemic Workout Family Fitness


Take a Family Bike Ride

Although 26 million daily trips are taken on public transportation, most people have avoided them over the last six months to protect themselves and others. Riding a bike can be a much greener way to get from place to place, but it’s also great exercise. If your loved ones have bicycles or roller skates, taking a daily spin around the neighborhood is an easy and enjoyable way to stay active. Grab yourself bike helmets and get the whole family outdoors. As the seasons change, you’ll be able to peep the leaves and appreciate the beautiful foliage.

Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Don’t feel like leaving the house? If you have a big enough backyard, you can create an obstacle course for your kids to work off extra steam. Gather balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, and other items to design a course for your kids that involves running, jumping, and other forms of physical activity that will keep them guessing. You can make it even more enticing by giving out prizes. Encourage them to beat their times or increase the number of crunches, squats, or jumping jacks they can do for added competition. If you make it fun enough, they won’t even realize they’re getting a good workout. Try running after them too, for your own boost of fitness.


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pandemic workout


Explore Local Nature Trails

There are plenty of hiking trails or basic nature trails in your area that you have yet to explore. Most are hiding, just waiting to be discovered. This can be an excellent activity for autumn, as temperatures will be a bit cooler and the trees will be at their most beautiful. While you should bring masks along and stay at least six feet away from others on the trail, exploring local nature trails allows your kids to be active and learn about the world around them in a whole new way.

Don’t Forget Your Stretch Breaks

If your kids are participating in remote learning or you’ve decided to pursue homeschooling this year, then it’s likely you’re all doing a lot of sitting around the house. Around 28% of Americans are physically inactive, so let’s change things. Aim to recreate recess at home, but also remember to work stretch breaks into your family’s daily schedule. This may not cause your kids to work up a sweat, but stretching will keep their bodies active and limber. Its also a good lesson for parents who are working from home. Get up and move!


Staying active while staying home can be tough, but keeping it fun makes it easier. With these tips in mind, confidently add daily movement into the mix without increasing your health risks. Hit refresh on your Pandemic workout ideas with some family fitness fun.


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