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13 Gifts for Positive Change and Fresh Start for Fall

My mantra for fall is positivity. Say it with me! This month its time we embrace the positive things and I’ve got 13 gifts for positive change and a fresh start for fall!


I’ve been keeping myself positive this year and now we must embrace it. There is no traditional back to school this fall and most colleges are embracing distance learning. Most of us are at home, but none of that needs to get you down! Embrace positive change with me, anyway you can. Enjoy these 13 gifts for positive change and a fresh start for fall.

It sounds cliche, but the greatest gift you can give yourself and others is the gift of positive change. That being said, if you’ve been working from home and/or going to school from home, then you are definitely feeling the rut. Recently, I changed all of my furniture around and gave away so many clothes that I wasn’t using. Changing up how I had my home totally reinvigorated me. In the process I found some great stuff to add to your home and give it a completely different feel!

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Update your desk if you’re working from home. I found a great hammock chair that’s perfect for a zen corner in your bedroom to create a spot that separates yourself from your work! Do you or your partner need updates to your wardrobe? I found great new twists to lounge/work wear that will reinvigorate your wardrobe and make you feel great!

Enjoy these 13 gifts for positive change! You’ll get a fresh start as the new season rolls in. Share with me what you get and how it’s changed you! We’ll share our favorites on social media. Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


13 Gifts for Positive Change



With the onset of the pandemic and more and more of us spending time at home, who hasn’t felt that their bedroom needs a makeover? What if you were supposed to go to college this year? What if you’re working from home and need an office update? Make the change.


1. Pop Shop Marble Comforter Set

Buy It: Comforter Set ($71.43 for Queen Size on

We spend so much time sleeping and now hanging out in our bedrooms that a much needed face lift will do you some good. I love switching up my room and it makes me feel invigorated! I love that feeling. This set is perfect if you were planning on moving out and things changed.


2. Fairy String Lights

Buy It: USB Fairy Lights ($11.99 on

These lights are on my list of buys to spice up my own room. Even if this is the only thing you get to update your room, you’ll still feel a great revival. These lights are fun, light, and bring such a positive mood into your life!


3. Hanging Hammock Chair

Buy It: Hammock Chair ($42.49 on

I love hammocks. Getting one is on my list of things to do when I move into a bigger space. Say hello to your very own zen corner with this hammock chair, along with the lights.


4. Rose Decor Planter

Buy It: Rose Decor Planter ($29.99 on

I love plants and planters. These are perfect for cactus plants, just like the ones that are pictured. The secret to cactus is that they are the easiest plant to own! Not only will you look at these planters and feel empowered, but you can have your own little plant babies!


5. Wireless Retro Speaker

Buy It: Wireless Retro Speaker ($17.89 on

I love speakers because I love music, so I have a bunch around my house. None are as cute as this one. The best part about this item is that if you spend a lot of time on conference calls or making calls for work, along with listening to your music, you can now do it in style!



So many of us are working from home and many want to keep it that way. Up your productivity and prove it works with an office space overhaul. Comfy is the new chic.


6. Study Writing Table

Buy It: Study Writing Table ($40.99 on

Whether your office space is in your bedroom, living room, or you’re lucky enough to have your own office, this is a perfect desk! It’s cute, has a lot of space, and will help you unleash your creative juices.


7. Wood Docking Station

Buy It: Wood Docking Station ($45.99 on

I’m all about the no clutter desk. It’s hard though if you’re working with a small desk or a small area. This is perfect to keep yourself organized. I find that the more organized I am,, the more free I feel in life!



We’ve updated our work space and bedroom, so now it’s time for your closet! I know I always feel great when I clean out my closet and add a few new choice pieces. I picked out the below items to update that work/study style for you or the man or woman in your life!


8. BB Dakota Women’s Midi Length Skirt

Buy It: Midi Length Skirt ($38.99 on

At the beginning of this whole pandemic, I had just given birth and was living in my leggings. Now I’ve rediscovered my closet and realized you can still dress up, even if you don’t have anywhere to go! I love this skirt so much. You can throw on a cute tank or even a sweater with it. Dress this girl up or down!


9. Shermie Heart Elbow Patchwork Sweater

Buy It: Patchwork Sweater ($22.99 on

Sweater weather is coming. It might be farther away for those of us in SoCal, but I’m excited to break out my sweaters. I love pairing them with skirts, jeans, and leggings! A sweater like this is my jam and it always makes me feel so great.


10. SweatyRocks Cutout Ripped Leggings

Buy It: Ripped Leggings ($16.99 on

I love leggings like this because they are perfect for going out or staying in. Let’s face it, if this year has taught us anything, its that leggings can be worn for any and all occasions. I’ve been meaning to pick myself up a pair of these and now with fall almost here, I will be adding these to my closet.


11. Men’s Linen Pants

Buy It: Linen Pants ($23.99 on

I just got these pants for Dan’s birthday and he loves them. He wanted some updates to his Work From Home wardrobe and half a year of wearing lounge pants can weigh on a person. These are great for that stay at home style, but as well as going out! They come in a variety of colors and are super comfy too.


12. H2H Slim Fit Long Sleeve T-shirt

Buy It: Slim Fit Long Sleeve ($20.49 on

Guy’s fashion is so easy. Pair this long sleeve t-shirt with jeans, joggers, or the pants above for a perfect outfit. Really, any style pants will work! I love how guys can do that. You can get this shirt in a wide variety of colors too!


13. Adidas Originals 80s Ballistic Shoes

Buy It: Adidas Originals 80s Shoes ($49.99 on

I am a big fan of the classic Adidas shoes. They are my favorite fashionably cool sneaker. I constantly come back to these sneaks and want new pairs of them, because they come in so many different colors. You can get them for your man, yourself, or a son or daughter!


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