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Did you know, some people can not have sex? We know what you’re thinking; masturbation. But there are many other great alternatives to sex! Scientist Dan has the answers.


What do you do if you can’t have sex? Don’t freak out, because there are great alternatives to sex! Scientist Dan explores other fun activities under the covers, when sex is off the table. Why you ask? That’s no one’s business, so get freaky and pleasure one another with alternatives to sex.

Did you know, you can masturbate another? This is just one incredible alternative to intercourse. Through no fault of your own, we hope, you must find pleasure without entering another. You need options! That’s where science can help, so listen closely to Scientist Dan and his lovely assistant Mandi as they delve deep into the annals of sexual options.

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Science can be funny, but don’t laugh at these wonderful alternatives to sex. Try them, try them and you’ll see! Intense pleasure you will be. Scientist Dan has your options, while his sexy assistant can’t quite figure out why they aren’t making love. Sex is the best.

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