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My Lovecraft Country episode 3 reaction is all about the ghostly spell put on Tic and Leti. Another fabulous episode and this time it tackled the haunted house genre and it did not disappoint!


Lovecraft Country dove into the haunted house genre in episode 3 titled “Murder House.” It took the whole episode to enfold how it connected with the first two episodes, but it did it amazingly. Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country episode 3 reaction video for all the gory details!


Tic and Leti are put under a ghostly spell in Lovecraft Country episode 3! Because of the presentation of this episode, it took the full episode to link it to the previous two episodes. All of a sudden, Tic, Leti, and Montrose are dealing with the aftermath of their vampire encounter. Uncle George is dead and the three of them can’t talk about it.

Leti receives an inheritance from her late mother, but we find out at the end that the “inheritance” is really from Christina. Christina orchestrated Leti buying the house because she wants Tic to find more pages from the language of Adam. The sick man who owned the house did experiments and murdered the ghosts occupying. He was a son of Adam. Of course it’s all connected!

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Apparently, decoding the language of Adam is the key to creating more spells and this is what the rest of the season will be about. But this episode is extremely profound for Leti. She unleashed her own power and her and Tic got closer together. He’s obviously going to stay living in murder house.

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Leti will be the key to Tic embracing his own power and discovering more and more. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds. It’s time for Tic to learn his own spells and to control the situation, but for now Christina still has him under her ghostly spell.

I’m totally digging Lovecraft Country. Episode 3 did not disappoint! Make sure you watch our full episode 3 reaction video and share with us your own theories.


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