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Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 9 pushed the boundaries of this incredible show. Are they living in this VR reality? When and how did this whole story play out? Only one episode left with hopefully plenty of answers.


Episode 9, “The Creator,” reaction video explores Dispatches From Elsewheres VR reality. Our group of four played Lee’s game, discovered the origin of the game, and now they’re learning the true meaning of the game. Make sure you watch our full episode 9 video reaction.

As Peter, Simone, and Janice thrive, Fredwynn retreats deeper into himself. He cuts himself off from the other three and it isn’t until they come together that they realize none of have heard from Fredwynn. Fredwynn dived so far down the rabbit whole that he’s questioned whether he’s gone too far.

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The questions begs to be ask are our group of four actually experiencing all of this in Lee’s VR game leading them to create their own VR reality. Are they just walking around the world with VR goggles on just like Lee wanted?

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This whole show definitely is not what it originally seemed. Lee is Clara. She is that insecure girl, who wanted to change the world, to touch people, and make a genuine difference. Did our group of four transcend Lee’s game and connect with her on a whole other level? I definitely think so!

Dispatches From Elsewhere touted itself as a “limited series,” but Fredwynn narrated this episode and basically said that we all know this won’t be just one season! I absolutely love that and can’t wait to see how they’ll explode this show. Watch our full episode 9 reaction video and share with me your own theories.

Dispatches From Elsewhere

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