Snowpiercer Episode 2 Reaction | Brutality

Snowpiercer episode 2 reaction video explores the brutality of this apocalyptic world. The brutality is what makes the train go round and round. No one is immune to it!


Snowpiercer episode 2, titled “Prepare to Brace,” explores the brutality of the the train life. It truly is what makes the train go round and round. The glue that holds this life together and is in all aspects of this show. Make sure you check out our full Snowpiercer episode 2 reaction video.

Proceed with Caution. Spoilers BELOW!

Right at the beginning of this episode the tailies are being punished specifically the little girl who helped in the rebellion. They want to freeze her arm off, but her mother steps up and sacrifices her arm. Hopefully her mother survives. This is the type of punishment that they enforce because it keeps the train in order.

This order and brutality is experienced throughout the whole train. This is evident with the murder. Layton and Till explore the train to get to the bottom of the murder. Layton figures out that the impetuous for the murder is cannibalism. There are so many crazy elements to life on this train. They track the body parts to the butcher freezer though they don’t think the butchers were the ones who killed this man.

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Even the things Mr Wilford’s train can’t control like an avalanche are gruesome. The avalanche took out a whole train car full of the butchers and cows. They froze to death almost instantly and could not do a thing about it. So not only did this episode show us people on people brutality, but also the world’s brutality.

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So far I’m enjoying this show. I’m hoping there are more twist and turns. I definitely think there is a Mr. Wilford twist. I either think he’s one of the passengers or he does not exist and he is therefore Melanie. I read the theory that Mr. Wilford could be the murderer, but I don’t agree with that.

Snowpiercer episode 2 is a bit slower than the first episode, but lays a lot of the foundation for the show, shows us more of the inner workings, and stresses brutality as a main theme. Watch our full reaction video and share with me your own theories!


Snowpiercer Episode 2 Reaction

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