Devs Season 2 Possibilities Top 3 Explained

The multiverse is our crazy reality and Devs succeeded in making it relatable. What should happen in Devs season 2? I explain the top three possibilities.


Devs exposed a mystery far beyond the murder within and lives fully in the multiverse. What does that mean for a Devs season 2? Think infinite possibilities grounded in our original story so no one completely loses their way. This is great science fiction, but what are the absolute best options for a new season of Devs? Watch our full video for the details.

I explain the top 3 possibilities for Devs season 2, starting with where we left off. The new season can live entirely inside Devs with Forest and Lily working to recreate themselves back in their original reality. Season 2 can hit reset on the show and follow a different main character who’s choices alter slightly for a wildly new outcome. Finally, a second season of Devs can hit reset on the show with completely new backstories for every character. What if Forest didn’t lose his wife and daughter? What will Devs now become when he inevitably starts the company for new reasons?

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The best science fiction is a play on our own world and how we live. Devs explored all of that and more, making a second season that much more exciting. Will it happen? Probably not, but at least we know in one version of the multiverse its our glorious reality.

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Devs season 2
Devs: Nick Offerman as Forest. CR: Miya Mizuno/FX



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