Dispatches From Elsewhere Season Finale Reaction | Jason’s Mind

Dispatches From Elsewhere season finale took us into Jason Segel’s mind. This show once again stepped it up and took it in a direction that I never thought it would go. Way to totally make a unique show.


Dispatches From Elsewhere finale reaction is a great dive into Jason mind. I definitely did not think that this season or series finale would be so meta. Basically, the show ditched its story and once again broke the first wall. It was such an interesting way to the show. Make sure you watch our full episode 10 video reaction.

This show is out there from the very first episode. Right in the beginning, an Octavio Coleman Esquire came on the screen and told us that something he told us was a lie. The concept right there for the show set itself apart.

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It took me a moment to figure out what was actually happening. Jason Segel played a version of himself in this finale. He took us on a journey of his version of how he created this show. I love that he put himself out there like this and pushed the boundaries of this show.

Jason basically equated himself to Peter and feeling alone/isolated in his life. He becomes inspired by Simone and has his own Elsewhere experience. Considering that he was inspired by a documentary and his own experience with a scavenger hunt.

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Ending Dispatches From Elsewhere like this makes it interesting to speculate on whether there will be a season 2. I would love for them to explore a second season. There are so many unanswered questions and so much more to explore with our group of four.

Dispatches From Elsewhere season finale took us to a whole other place. We dived deep into Jason Segel’s mind to see the origin of this vulnerable show. Make sure you check out our full video and share with us what you thought!


Dispatches from Elsewhere Season Finale


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