Yoga at Home Beginner’s Guide: The hot new trend

yoga at home

Yoga is incredible and approachable for all fitness levels. Do you need a quick start guide? We break down yoga at home for beginners. Start healing today.


It’s long been proven that yoga is great for both your body and mind, so what are you waiting for? Everyone can start a home practice and enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga at home. Watch as your flexibility and posture improve, while your bone structure and balance change for the better. Yoga will also increase muscle strength and blood circulation, all while helping to calm the mind, aid sleep, and reduce your anxiety and stress. Use our beginner’s guide to yoga at home, complete with your first routine!

The folks at DW Fitness First teach a wide range of yoga styles, and they’ve put together this beginner’s guide just for you. Their teachings include the dynamic Ashtanga yoga, detoxifying hot yoga, and the non-stop Vinyasa Flow yoga. When you’re unable to leave the house, simply roll out your mat at home. Yoga is something that can easily be practiced wherever you find yourself, whether in the bedroom, the living room, or even in the garden when the sun is shining.

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With a yoga mat and some space, you can practice both beginner and advanced yoga postures in your house. To recreate the relaxing and mindful atmosphere of a yoga class, we suggest you draw your curtains slightly so you’re not distracted, turn off your phone, TV or radio, and even find some relaxing music to play in the background. Finally, put on some comfy workout clothes such as this collection of athleisure that we at BuzzChomp personally picked out.

The set of postures below are the perfect start for beginners dipping their toes into the world of yoga at home. Complete them all in a sequence (flow) and you’ve got a short but effective yoga routine. Repeat as many times you like, just be sure to rest in child’s pose when you feel fatigued. These poses are perfect for doing every morning before work, or at night to loosen up and wind down. Give it a go and see if you can feel the difference in your muscles and your mind.


Yoga at home for Beginners


1. Warm up stretch

To begin, sit on the floor either cross-legged or in a lotus position. Make sure your back is straight and keep your hands loose in your lap. Then shut your eyes and start to breathe deeply through your nose. Do this for two minutes and then slowly sway the top of your body side to side for 30 seconds. Get comfortable with your breath, as it will guide you through the four remaining poses.

2. Cat cow

On all fours, begin with ‘cat’ pose. Arch your back up to the sky and press down into your shoulders. Drop your head in between your shoulders and look back to your thighs. Then move into ‘cow’ pose. For ‘cow’, drop and curve your chest into a U-shape, and push your head and tailbone up to the sky. Move slowly, flowing from one to the other three times, holding each pose for one long breath. The cat-cow pose will flex the spine, hips, core, neck and shoulders.



3. Downward dog

From cat pose, slowly raise your bottom into the air, stretching your legs out straight below you. You should be aiming to create a V-shape with your body. Keep your legs and hands strong, and keep your core stretched. Drop your shoulders to relieve tension in them and drop the head to gaze at your feet. Try and keep your feet flat on the floor too, though you may need to pedal them and stretch your hamstrings in order to do that. The downward dog pose will strengthen the arms and legs, and stretch out the shoulders, core and hands too. Hold this pose for one minute.

4. Side stretch with parallel arm

From downward dog, step into a low lunge with your right leg. Drop your left heel to the ground and turn your foot out so it’s facing outwards. Then drop your right forearm down to the knee and reach your left arm up over your head, so that your left hand is parallel to your right foot. You’re aiming to create a straight, diagonal line along your body from your right foot up to your left hand. Doing this will stretch the calves, thighs, arms and back, and help to strengthen the knees and spine. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

5. Locust

Lay down on your stomach facing the floor. Put your arms straight along your sides and point your toes so they’re straight. Press your thighs strongly down into the floor, and then slowly lift your shoulders, neck, head and lower legs (from your feet to your knees). Your weight should now be on your chest, hips and thighs. Take a long breath in and out, and then lower back down. Repeat this five times. The locust pose will strengthen the back, glutes, and legs. It will stretch out the shoulders, chest and core too.


What did you think of these five beginner poses? Flow between them one to five times, resting in child’s pose as needed. Add in additional poses like cobra, crescent, or forward fold. Follow your breath and relax your mind and body. Yoga at home will rejuvenate you and reinvent what you think of fitness.


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