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Cannabis Gifts Guide | Everything But Herb

Valentine’s Day is for expressing love and with cannabis becoming mainstream, its ideal for gifting. These cannabis gifts are for everyone. Everything but the herb.


This Valentine’s Day grab that special someone a gift they’ll cherish long past the holiday. These cannabis valentine’s day gifts say ‘you’re awesome’ in a whole new way! If you have a cannabis lover in your life, or a funky trendsetter, then this guide is for you! Its an eclectic blend of cannabis fashion and marijuana inspired products that will delight stoners and secret stoners alike. All of these items are found on Amazon as well as Etsy and have excellent reviews!

It’s great that cannabis can be openly discussed and viewed without the negative stigma it once had. That being said, I’m all for the open display of cannabis, as well as the subtle display. Sometimes its nice to be low key and bold. My guide has the perfect unisex gifts, including great clothing and some useful cannabis accessories.

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If you live in an apartment or with other people that still judge your cannabis use, then you need a great spray to diffuse any smell! That’s on my list. If you love cooking with cannabis or want to learn, then I have something for you aspiring chefs as well!

My curated Cannabis Valentine’s Day gifts are kind of awesome. I personally want them all, but I always say that. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via or with prices and sales at time of publication.


Cannabis Gifts Guide


“Smoke Weed” Letterman Jacket

This jacket is perfect for the guy or gal who loves a good old-school style jacket. Its a great Letterman Jacket with tons of style. Plus, its an homage to Snoop Dog. Whoever you give this gift to will absolutely love it!

Buy It: “Smoke Weed” Letterman Jacket ($56.99 on


Pot Leaf Engraved Silver Bracelet

This is for the lady in your life who loves cannabis and being understated. Grab this bracelet for her. It’s super cute, it goes with everything, and you’re subtly flaunting your love of cannabis.

Buy It: Pot Leaf Engraved Bracelet ($35.99 on


Pot Leaf Engraved Heart Necklace

I am absolutely loving this heart necklace. It’s understated, beautiful, and it has just a subtle cannabis leaf. It’s another one of those products that quietly flaunts your love of cannabis.

Buy It: Pot Leaf Engraved Heart Necklace ($36.99 on


PolyPlus Marijuana Leaf Ashtray

Everyone who partakes in cannabis needs a great ashtray. This one is super cute and flaunts your love of cannabis to anyone who partakes with you. Its got a great style and can be gifted to almost anyone.

Buy It: Marijuana Leaf Ashtray ($11.99 on


Marijuana Edibles: Infused Desserts

I love infusing cannabis in my food. This book is great because it gets you into the mindset of how to cook with cannabis and it will fuel so many new ideas! There are over 40 recipes in this book.

Buy It: Marijuana Edibles Book ($12.95 on


Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray

I absolutely love this spray! It is subtle and eliminates the odor of cannabis smoke from almost everything. If you don’t want your house to smell like it, then it won’t! Keep what you do in private, private.

Buy It: Cannabolish Spray 3-pack ($14.99 on


“Best Buds” Pot Leaf T-Shirts

A throwback to anyone who had a best friends necklace growing up! This is perfect for a couple that loves to toke and be matching. It’s super cute and a great conversation t-shirt.

Buy It: Best Buds T-Shirts ($16.95 on


“Pass Joints Not Judgement” T-shirt

This t-shirt is just adorable. It’s super simple and comes in a variety of colors. I love that it is a statement t-shirt, but also so cute. Perfect for your honey who loves to smoke joints.

Buy It: “Pass Joints” T-shirt ($13.99 on


“Baked” Beanie

This is a great beanie for the guy or gal in your life who is a stoner for life! I love beanies and since it’s winter, now is the time to wear them around. I love this and would love to receive it as a gift!

Buy It: “Baked” Beanie ($16.99 on


Marijuana “Legalize” T-shirt

A subtle statement t-shirt that is also a conversation starter. It’s perfect for activists in your life and comes in three different colors. If you have a political stoner in your life, then this is your go-to gift!

Buy It: Marijuana “Legalize” T-shirt ($19.99 on


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