Top 7 Massage Tips to optimize your experience

massage tips

Have you ever gotten a massage, but left feeling less than relaxed? Use these 7 simple massage tips to ensure every experience is truly blissful.


Ah, massage, one of the greatest pleasures that often goes awry. It is one of the only things that provides true relaxation after a long and tiring day. We need massage to help relax our muscles and nerves, yet we also need the experience to be fun and easy going. You’ve likely done some research, so use our 7 massage tips to optimize your journey and truly relax.

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Before you begin, make sure you talk with your massage therapist. They can help you just as much as our tips, using a wide range of tools and techniques to make the session successful. Massage is certainly physical, but it also helps us to be calm mentally and emotionally. Now head off to your massage therapist and implement these massage tips to fully unwind.


Top 7 Massage Tips


1. Do Not Eat

It is important that you do not eat immediately before your massage session. Give your body enough time to digest and absorb your meal beforehand. Even after the massage session ends, it is best not to eat a heavy meal. This is because a heavy meal directly after your massage can make your body lethargic, sluggish and bloated. This will undo much of the gains from your earlier massage.

2. Be On Time

You should always be on time when visiting your massage therapist. Leave early and ensure a relaxed trip. If you arrive in a rushed condition, then your muscles and nerves will take a lot longer to relax.

3. Clothing Optional

Many of us are not comfortable removing all of our clothing for a massage. While most massages ask that you undress to your undergarments, be sure you do what’s right for you. Remove only those clothes that you are comfortable with and talk to your massage therapist. Let them know your concerns and what areas you need them to focus one.

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You should not be afraid during your massage. Let your massage therapist know if you are uncomfortable or have any problems while they are massaging parts of your body. It’s very important to be comfortable and stay relaxed during your session.

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massage tips


4. Communicate Effectively

Communication is one of the most important factors to having a great massage experience. Let your massage therapist know of all the reasons why you came in for a session, as well as your expectations. This will help them to fulfill your needs and optimize your relaxation. If you have an allergy to certain types of lotion or cream, then you must let that be known. If you want to play music during your session, then speak up and say so. It is your session to personalize.

5. Release the Day and Breath

Breathing effectively with slow, deep breaths will promote your relaxation. It also helps to reduce your stress during a massage. When the more sensitive parts of your body are being massaged, don’t stop or limit your breath. Instead focus on it and deepen each inhale and exhale. Let it all go. Relax your mind and body and refrain from tightening your muscles by hardening or contracting. Let your massage therapist know what is happening to your body during the session. If you feel their technique needs to be changed, then freely say so.

6. Drink Water and Wait To Shower

Massage promotes blood circulation and helps optimize your lymphatic system, the major function of which is to carry toxins out of your body. So you need to replenish after your session ends, and that means drinking water. If you don’t drink water afterwards, then you will leave your body dehydrated and a toxin build-up can occur. That is why drinking lots of water after your massage is so important.

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Many massages use oils and creams, which need time to get absorbed fully into the skin. It is understandable why people want to take showers right afterwards to cleanse the body of those, but it is highly advised that you wait. Do not shower immediately after your massage session ends. Allow some time for your body to absorb those oils and get all of their benefits.

7. Relax Afterwards

Continuing to relax after your massage session ends is our most important tip. Strive to do nothing and leave work for a later time. Avoid the gym, because it can lead to muscle injuries and tweaks. Simply relax your body after a massage for at least an hour.


Massage is important and has many great benefits for your body. It helps to relax your mind, body and soul. If you can, get a massage at least twice per month to keep yourself feeling optimal. Use our essential massage tips for a wonderful massage session every time.


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