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Stress Free Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019 Edition

holiday buyer's guide

The Holidays mean lots of parties, fun, people and stress. If you find yourself in need of some relaxation, then we can help! Our stress free holiday buyer’s guide offers you much needed pampering.


The Holidays are such a fun time, but they can also be stressful. This means relaxation and pampering are a must, along with easy shopping. People have different family dynamics and its easy to get swept up in the hoopla. This year let’s all work on staying stress free and implementing these self help essentials found in our stress free Holiday buyer’s guide will lay the foundation! All of these items can be found on Amazon and all have excellent reviews!

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Our new buyer’s guide is packed with amazing relaxation essentials. I say essentials because we are all guilty of not taking care of ourselves. Doing so is important all year long, but especially during this time of year. A big thing that I do to take care of myself is to set aside time for a bath in the evening. I don’t do it every night, but I make a point to do it at least once a week. It’s an amazing way to de-stress and take some you time. That is the core theme of our guide.

All of these products on our list will help you take time for yourself! Feel free to order everything off this list and send it to me as a random present. I personally want them all. Below are the essentials, our stress free Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019 edition. BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. All items are listed via with prices and sales at time of publication.


Stress Free Essentials | Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Dermal Collagen Facial Mask

holiday buyer's guide

I am having a legit obsession with these facial masks! I love the way they make my face feel. They are completely relaxing and since purchasing I’ve done one every single week.

Buy It: Dermal Collagen Facial Mask ($13.99 on


Shampoo Brush

holiday buyer's guide

Earlier this year, I discovered the benefits of a shampoo brush. It has revolutionized my hair because it completely opens up my scalp and gives me that fresh haircut feel. I always love the way my scalp feels after getting my haircut and this simulates it. You might say, why don’t you just use your nails? But if you have a manicure, then it can totally mess it up. These brushes are great and a must for your hair and scalp care.

Buy It: Shampoo Brush ($6.99 on


One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This is on my list of musts because I’ve read a lot about it and heard that it revolutionizes how you style your hair. Gone are the days of blow drying and then straightening or curling. This bad boy allows you to style and blow dry like a pro!

Buy It: One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer ($25.49 on


Guerilla Grip Spa Pillow

Baths are so relaxing, but depending on the style of the tub, it can be tricky to get comfy. Having a pillow like this makes it so much easier to get comfortable and enjoy that tub! I’ve added weekly tubs into my routine and my body is more relaxed.

Buy It: Guerilla Grip Spa Pillow ($15.99 on


Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soak Combo

All of Village Naturals products are amazing and you can’t go wrong with any of these. These particular Aches & Pains Relief bath minerals are legit. I love adding them to my bath. The smell is great and it really does sooth your muscles!

Buy It: Village Naturals Bath Combo ($19.99 on


Ministry of Oils Essential Oils

These essential oils are absolutely fabulous. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. I have a variety pack of them and I’m loving all of the different scents. They pair perfectly together and are extremely relaxing.

Buy It: Ministry of Oils Combo Pack ($22.99 $3.00 on ministry of oil)



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