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Star Wars The Mandalorian has arrived! It looks like a bad ass sci-fi show, which makes me super excited to follow along and see how this fits into the Star Wars universe. Thank you Disney+ for making this happen.


Star Wars The Mandalorian is upon us! This is one bad ass new show, which takes place five years after Return of The Jedi and 25 years before The Force Awakens. We follow a bounty hunter known as The Mandalorian, who ventures beyond the reaches of the New Republic. Star Wars The Mandalorian premieres with the launch of Disney+ and we’ve got the inside track to every blaster battle. Check out our preview video for our full exploration, then comment below with your theories.

I’m super excited for this because it explores an aspect of the Star Wars universe that I don’t know a lot about. The plot of the show has pretty much been kept under wraps, as well as any cameos by our classic heroes of the Star Wars universe. The big question that must be answered is whether Boba Fett will surface in this series. Boba Fett was presumed dead, but in recent years we found out he is not.

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Some of the cool aspects of Star Wars The Mandalorian is that it’s executive produced by John Favreau. He created the series and wrote the pilot. I love this! I’m interested to see his take on the universe and what he brings to the show.

Star Wars The Mandalorian will run 8 episodes and be streaming one episode each week. That means no binge watching the whole show until it all airs. It also has an array of directors tackling the episodes. Taika Waititi voices one of the droids and he also directs an episode. I’m super intrigued to see his take on Star Wars.

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The possibilities are endless for The Mandalorian and I love the casting. It stars Pablo Pascal as the lead character, known best for Narcos and Game of Thrones. I think he’ll be great in this character and I hope we’ll see him sans helmet way more than we did in the trailer.

Star Wars The Mandalorian is here! I have high hopes and expectations for this show! We’ll be reviewing each episode so make sure you follow along. Let us know what you think of this much hyped show!


Star Wars The Mandalorian

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