Top 5 Reasons to Start Therapy Right Now

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but admitting to yourself that you’re not takes strength and courage. Knowing when you need outside help is just as powerful, so we’ve put together the top five reasons to start therapy right now!


My main goal in life is to be happy. I can’t imagine going through life not being happy. That’s why I decided a long time ago to consistently check in with myself and make sure that I’m always happy. Sometimes that means taking a hard look at yourself, realizing you are unhappy, and recognizing that you need outside help to change things. In the spirit of putting a smile on everyone’s face, these are our top five reasons to start therapy right now.

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I constantly take stock of my life and make sure I am happy. This definitely requires being truly honest with yourself, but there is no reason why we all can’t be honest with ourselves. It takes some getting used to, but its the first step towards living a happy life every single day. Here are our top 5 reasons to start therapy.

1. You’re stuck in a rut

Even the happiest of people get stuck in a rut. It can drag on and drag you down. Sometimes you can get yourself out of it by simply acknowledging you’re in a rut. I know that has worked for me in the past. I’ve realized I’m in a rut and that helps me get out of it, but there are those ruts that are hard to emerge from on your own. They can keep sucking you in and you feel like you can’t get out. It’s those times when you need to say to yourself, I need to talk to someone about this.

2. You can’t talk to anyone in your life

This is one that should set big red flags off for you. You can’t talk to anyone in your life. You’re either embarrassed, feel judgement, or can’t bring yourself to talk to anyone about what’s bothering you. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeking outside therapy is a life saver in these times.

3. You don’t know why you’re unhappy

This is a big one for me. I’ve been lucky so far in my life to be able to understand when I’m unhappy. I’ve figured out what’s bringing me down and changed it. But I’ve always said to myself that if I couldn’t figure out what was bothering me, I’d go talk to someone about it! It’s easier for someone else to see what’s troubling you and bring it to the surface. This is a biggie for me and a great reason to seek therapy.

4. You feel like you might self harm

If this is you, then please seek therapy and treatment right now. Personally, I’ve told myself that if I ever felt this way, that I’d run to get help because I was at the bottom of my barrel. Anyone who feels like this definitely is, so drop everything you’re doing and seek help immediately.

5. You want to talk to someone

This is a great reason to start therapy. You want to talk to someone outside of your life. There is absolutely no shame in seeking out someone to speak with and there are so many people who benefit from this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, having that inclination definitely needs to be filled!


There are a myriad of reasons to start therapy, but these are my top five reasons to start therapy right now. These are the things that I consistently come back to that help me insure I’m living a happy life. I always strive to be honest with myself and this list helps me do that!

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