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Will Jon Show Kill Daenerys Targaryen? It’s a Game of Thrones theory for season 8! It’s part of our BuzzChomp entertainment series.


I don’t like this question will Jon Snow kill Daenerys Targaryen? This is one of the theories that I don’t want to be true, but it totally could happen. It’s actually one that both Jon and Daenerys have had red Priestess attribute it to them.

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After the fall of Stannis Baratheon Melisandre has claimed that Jon Snow is the “prince who was promised.” In the story the prince ends up killing his love to activate his sword so he can defeat darkness.

A different red Priestess claimed Dany is the same thing. “Prince” to her could be male or female. I don’t want Jon or Dany to have to sacrifice each other. My hope is that the show has a somewhat happy ending!

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We will be breaking down 7 theories! This is the first one. I will say that all of them are highly likely!



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