Counterpart Season 2 Ep 6 Recap & Reaction | Origin Story

We know how it all began, which makes the present even worse to handle. Can complete destruction be avoided? That and more in our recap and reaction to Counterpart Season 2 episode 6.


**SPOILER ALERT** The truth has been revealed with a complete origin story in Counterpart Season 2 episode 6. Who caused this mayhem? How did the world split in two? The simplest explanation is in fact true, but also not true. What began as an experiment quickly turned bloody.

Mira watched her father get murdered by himself, as his other went crazy. Now he is the only one who can help her end the experiment. But I believe the two worlds are uniquely bound together, one cannot exist without the other. Its like two molecules revolving around one another. Remove one and the other is destroyed.

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Counterpart is a total mind trip that we’ll never forget. We absolutely love it, even if its hard to know what will happen next. Can anyone remain true to themselves? We hope our Howard returns home, but its going to be awhile.

We’ll be doing videos each week as this show unfolds on STARZ, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better! What will happen in Counterpart Season 2? We can’t wait to watch as the truth is revealed!

Counterpart TV Series is blowing our mind! There’s no limit to the insane story lines of this show, so we will discuss them all on BuzzChomp TV.

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